Getting in the Zone

I have a deviated septum, which means I get bloody noses really easily, it usually correlates to changes in climate. Down here in Fla, with all these hurricanes, it has been kind of bad recently.
The past two workouts (waterbury’s TTT) I have gotten a bloody nose in the first or second set. This is after having listened to slipknot while warming up, gotten loose, and totally focused. When my nose started bleeding, I had to abort the workout after the set and go to the bathroom. The only times I have ever really aborted a workout was when I just wasnt quite feeling it. But, I hit the bathroom and noticed that I was in a blind rage. It was the wierdest feeling, I was hot but had the chills and kind of had this intense focused tunnel vision. I could only think of getting back on the dip rack and get my next set in. It was the coolest feeling, and I guess I had never noticed it before because I ws too busy actually lifting to notice it.
I tried it by shoving a wad of tissue up my nose (which sometimes works) and heading out. Got the next set of dips in, but there was a stream of blood running down the side of my face, and I didnt want people to think I was a ‘roid beast’. I killed monday’s workout early. But last night, I refused to kill another workout. I got it to stop bleeding and focused on breathing out of my mouth and not pressurizing my sinuses.
Anyway, just wanted to know if you guys have ever had to stop in the middle of an insane workout and actually noticed that focus? It was awesome.


Sounds like you need to focus your chi into blood vessels supplying the muscles you are currently training in your workout. I have found this technique to be quite effective and in fact quite pleasurable at times.

You shouldn’t worry so much about bleeding all over the place. That’s what towels are for… just kidding.

Yes practice your breathing technique as you mentioned and all will be well. I have seen these things before…