Alpha V

So begins my 5th log here on T-Nation… It is hard to believe how long I have been keeping track of my training on these forums. This first post will be outlining my current PRs and some goals that I am hoping to achieve by the time this one gets locked up.

As always, I really appreciate all of your questions and comments regarding training/life and it makes the log infinitely more interesting when you ask them, so don’t be shy. If you have suggestions on how to make the log better, please feel free to throw those out as well. All that I ask is that you have an open mind and you keep your comments positive. I don’t have time or energy for negativity.

Current Stats:
6’ Foot Tall, 225-240lbs depending on if I am getting ready for a competition or not.

I am currently the title holder for Maryland’s Strongest Man (2 years running) 231lb class

And Finished 18th at this year’s North American Strongman National Championships (LW Class)

My Current PRs:
Deadlift - 685lbs

Goal By the End of the Log - 700lbs

Squat - 660lbs

Goal By the End of the Log - 675lbs

Bench - 500lbs

Goal By the End of the Log - 515lbs

Overhead Press (Axle) - 370lbs

Goal By the End of the Log - 400lbs

Front Squat - 500lbs

Goal By the End of the Log - 550lbs

I am currently running the conjugate method for my main lifts and of course have Strongman & Conditioning in every workout. I will also be doing a lot of submission grappling but think I am out of MMA or the time being because I don’t need to get hit in the head anymore. (I am dumb enough already)

I am owner and operator of NEVERsate Athletics, a Strongman/Powerlifting & Sports Conditioning facility located in Maryland.

I am looking for sponsors and it would help immensely if you also follow/subscribe and like me on other social media as well as this log.

If you are late to the party and want to catch up, you can read through my past four logs:
Alpha’s Work IV:
Alpha’s Work III:
Alpha’s Work II:
Alpha’s Work: Deleted

I really appreciate all of the support, both vocal or otherwise and look forward to seeing where this next chapter leads.

Onto the work…
“Impossible is a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”


Looking forward to the new log man! Hope all is well.


In for the awesomeness!

I’m gonna shoot you guys an email sometime in January, once the insanity of my life quiets down a bit, and drop by probably on one of your Saturday open gyms. I’d definitely like to try some strongman stuff (would be more like strongboy, but whatever…)

I’m digging the new T-shirts too by the way.

Hey man, congrats on the 5th log here. Ive been following even though I don’t post here much.

  • What are your feelings on protein powders that contain hemp protein? I want to find a non-dairy protein powder. I work in LE so obviously i get drug tested and can’t take a chance. I read somewhere online that hemp protein is banned by the military because they don’t want to take a chance on guys popping on a test. I know these companies wouldnt be able to sell their product if people were getting being effected by any THC. What are your thoughts on this and would you be able to recommend any alternatives? Thanks.
    Foods and Failed Drug Tests | Fox News

In for all the awesome “Alpha-ness”!

gvaldes: Great to hear from you brother! Thanks for the support!

Vinny: Thanks boos, I really appreciate that!

usmccds: Thanks brother! And that would be awesome! Feel free to come by anytime, we would love to have you!

Animal Mother: Hey man, great to hear from you! Well, I know Onnit makes a hemp force protein which they SWEAR will not pop you on a drug test. That being said, it is still kind of a risk. Then again, i know plenty of guys who have peed hot on a test but then were able to bring in the supplement or prescription they were taking and were cleared.

I also have a few friends who have tried meat based proteins…I think the brand is like carnivore or something like that. I honestly have never tired either of the above though. I am definitely a Metabolic Drive guy. i hope that helps you out and points you int he right direction brother!

FarmerOwen: Hahaha thanks brother, glad to have you along!

“I promise you, the more you push yourself to accomplish anything that seems beyond your comfort level, the more you’re going to hear from yourself and others how it is impossible.” --Richard Machowicz

MONDAY, 07DECEMBER2015 - Work For Today
Wave 2/Week 6/Day 1


CONDITIONING - Get as Far As You Can in 12 Minutes
1 Curtis P @ 95lbs
50 Foot Single Arm Farmer’s Walk (Left Hand)
1 Bodyweight ManMaker
50 Foot Single Arm Farmer’s Walk (Right Hand)

2 Curtis 's
50 Foot Single Arm Farmer’s Walk (Left Hand)
2 Bodyweight ManMakers
50 Foot Single Arm Farmer’s Walk (Right Hand)

3 Curtis 's
50 Foot Single Arm Farmer’s Walk (Left Hand)
3 Bodyweight ManMakers
50 Foot Single Arm Farmer’s Walk (Right Hand)

…Continued to add a Rep each Round for the entirety of the 12 Minutes…I made it into my “8” set before I ran out of time.

GRAPPLING…Yep, it was my first day back today!
1.25 Hours of solid rolling.


STRENGTH - Maximum Effort Lower
Front Squats
510x Nope, the bar slipped off my right shoulder 3/4 of the way up. So i set it back up and went for it again.
510x1 (PR Video)

Back off Sets:
405x3 for 5 Sets

15 Glute Ham Raises
10 Toes to Bar


  • Well, nothing like making the first post of the new log obsolete…New Front Squat PR of 510.
  • The first attempt at 510 flew up but the bar didn’t like staying on my right shoulder, so about 3/4 of the way up, i lost it. I reloaded the bar and walked it out. The weight wasn’t the problem…It was staying conscious for the entire rep…
    front he moment I walked it out, I could feel my brain starting to shut down. i dropped in the hole and my world was upside-down. I stood up, but had to take a step forward because I couldn’t think of anything but, “get this thing off me” …Then I paused to prove to myself that I was ok…then things got really dicey. Started to go out so I kind of stumbled it back to the rack and got out from under it…
  • Getting back to rolling today was awesome! I was very slow and clunky but hadn’t forgotten as much as i thought I would have.

Here is the new PR vid of the 510 Front Squat Rep

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LOL, looks like we both had trouble staying conscious during our sessions. Sick FS!

That 510 is sick. The only Alpha way to start a log!

You know I’m in .

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Nice job on the PR

Great kickoff on the new log. Unending incredible posts.

I’m in like you wouldn’t believe!

If hit PR’s on day 1, maybe you should picky even loftier goals haha.

For the best man, you better believe I support you through this log. A lot of us will, both spoken and unspoken

And a PR to start the thread! Nice work!
I remember finding your second log a few years back and being completely blown away. I read the whole thing through in maybe two days. Until then I didn’t realize what heavy lifting really was. Thank you for the logs, your work ethic and attitude have really been an inspiration.

Vinny: I actually read your log right before you posted that…Hahaha I suppose we were both going through the same thing at the same time! Glad your ok man and congrats on the log. That’s a good number boss!

Barbedwired: Thanks brother! And it is always good to have you in here!

kckfl: Thanks man, I really appreciate that!

biker: Thanks brother, it means a lot that you would say that!

Pano: Hahaha you might be right man! I have had a good streak going ever since Maryland’s Strongest man. I think my head is just really in the game right now. Proud to have you along man!

Roran: Thanks man, that means a lot. And also thanks for making a 3 hour drive to come train with me! You are doing great things, I think you have an amazing future ahead of you!

“We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.” --Richard G. Scott

TUESDAY, 08DECEMBER2015 - Work For Today
Wave 2/Week 6/Day 2

STRONGMAN - Took 30 Minutes to put myself through he misery of some heavy yoke walks
360x 50 Feet
920x40 (PR)
950x40 (Bigger PR)

STRENGTH - Maximum Effort Upper
Bench Press Against Doubled Blue Mini Bands
135x3 + Band Tension
225x3 + Band Tension
315x2 + Band Tension
365x1 + Band Tension
385x1 + Band Tension
405x1 + Band Tension (PR by Default)

315 + Band Tension x 5
315 + Band Tension x 5
315 + Band Tension x 5


  • This is the first time I have done really heavy yoke walks in months. I have bee working nothing but speed in the 750-800lb range to work on my foot speed for competitions. I just wanted to see where I was. I topped out only 50lbs off of 1,000 which is a goal of mine. It was only for 40 feet, but 40 feet was enough! The crazy part was that the pick was not even that bad. I have video of the top 2 PR Walks but am waiting until I get a little more training footage before I edit and upload them. But they are coming.
  • The bench went pretty well also. I am not sure how much doubled blue bands add to the movement, but my guess would be somewhere around 60-80lbs at the top. I also got video of this and it will be added to the yoke walk footage and anything else of note from the next few days.

Here is a link to part of the 950lb yoke walk: Brian Alsruhe on Instagram: "950lb yoke walk for about 40 feet...felt like death..."

Thanks for reading everyone!

With you every step of the way brotha, can’t wait to see you kick more ass.

Benanything: Thanks brother! Proud to have you along!

“The warrior understands the importance of discipline and understand fully that the highest, most valuable form of discipline is self-discipline. It is the only path that leads to mastery of any type. Discipline is not a gift you get at birth, it’s not in your genes. It is simply doing something and sticking to it, even if you have to take it second by second.” --Richard Machowicz

WEDNESDAY, 09DECEMBER2015 - Work For Today
Wave 2/Week 6/Day 3

CONDITIONING - Horrible Medley
5 Rounds

50 Foot Arm over Arm sled drag with 130b keg
15 Keg Clean & Presses w/ 130lb keg
50 Foot Prowler Sprint (Low Handles)

ACCESSORY - 4 Rounds
10 Circus (2") Dumbbell Rows (Each Side) @ 105lbs
12 Knees to Elbows
15 Face Pulls with a Blue Mini Band

3 Sets of Max Effort holds with the 2" dumbbell (Left hand only)


  • The Medley was a kick in the nuts. I am feeling pretty run down after the yoke walks yesterday, and these made my life pretty uncomfortable.
  • The accessory stuff was good. Just getting some extra work in. The 2" Handle Dumbbell rows are really great for working my grip, especially on my left hand. Whenever I yoke really heavy, my left bicep tendonitis always flares up. Today was no different. Makes my left arm feel like a rotting piece of meat and it DESTROYS the grip in my left hand.

Here is the video of the 950b yoke walk and 405 + Doubled Blue band tension bench press from yesterday. I also threw in 2 views of the medley I was working on today.

Beast. That is all!

Also, I want a shirt. (I’m in Oz, might send you an email)

Always lurking here mate, keep up the inspirational workload.

I’ll join the ride though I won’t be able to comment much due to my service.
Let’s have a good ride and see a lot of trees!

By the way, do you have any tips for being away from home for a month?

Thank you for letting me come train! It was an amazing experience. Hopefully I will be coming up sometime in the next 2-5 weeks if thats ok. I’m dying to train with the group and get my hands on the strongman equipment again. I’ve had to cut my membership at the strongman gym. It was turning regularly into a 3 hour commute with traffic on top of my school commute. I’ll see if next semester presents a better schedule.

That yoke! Beast!

I remember when I took 800 for a run on yoke a long time ago. The feeling of a max yoke is hard to explain with words. Feels like every orifice in your body is going to start spraying blood at 5000 PSI. I also recall not being able to remember anything about the set, as if I blacked out or some shit. Definitely something everyone should try at least once.