Is it possible to do a westside style split, if u can´t workout on weekends? (I work as a bouncer friday & saturdaynights, so Im pretty busted friday to sunday) My current split: monday chest & arms tues: quads, abs wed:off / rotatorwork thurs:Back & arms fri: hams,errectors, abs I like the iddea of heavy days and dynamic days, but would the restperiod be to short? thanx for any input

Here are a few ways that you could incorporate the WSB system into your schedule:

  1. Do speed days on Monday and Tuesday and ME days on Thursday and Friday. This will keep you fresh for your ME days and give you the weekend to recover from them.
  2. Skip one of the workouts. For example- ME bench on Monday, ME squat on Wednesday, and speed bench on Friday. This would leave out the speed squat day.
  3. Use a rolling schedule. For example- ME bench on Monday, ME squat on Wednesday, speed bench on Friday, speed squat on Monday, ME bench on Wednesday, etc.

Hope this helps.


although this will incorporate longer rest periods between sessions (2 days between each) i saw this on the elitefts website and think i interprettd it right. Here it goes. Lift Mon Wed Fri every week. Ex: Mon-Max Squat Wed- Max Bench Fri- Dynamic Squat Mon- Dynamic Bench Wed-Max Squat Fri- Max Bench Mon-Dyn. Squat …etc

thank you guys…