Touching Your Toes

A friend of mine asked me about a problem she has while trying to stretch while trying to touch her toes.

She gets a pain in the bottom of her foot (under the arch, I believe) whenever she stretches out. This is for both standing as well as sitting.

Any ideas what I can tell her that would help?

Whats her def. of pain? A good or hard stretch? Or something that feels like pins and needles?

Good point.

upon asking her this question, she says it’s not pins-and-needles pain.

She says “she guesses” it’s stretching pain.

If this is a “normal” pain, then why would it be in the bottom of the feet instead of in the hamstrings?

Could be a number of things. Does she get the pain under her foot while running? If so, it could be plantar fascitis.

Get her to roll her feet (one at a time - under the arch) around on tennis ball - 10 mins each leg every day for 2 weeks. Should know in a few days whether it heps or not.

Or if it is only bothering her in the stretch - then…dont do the stretch anymore!!