Supplement Questions

Ok, I’m pretty sure I’ll get bashed for asking this and I’m sure it’s been asked before, but are there any supplements that can increase my lean muscle mass or protein synthesis without altering any of my body’s hormone output (like lower testosterone levels after cycling roids). I was reading some interesting articles on methoxyisoflavone, ipraflavone, ecdysterone, creatine, and hgh releasers, etc… (opinions?) Furthermore, I’m not a very active person but I would still like to have a good appearance and put on maybe 5-10 pounds of lean mass (not necessarilly water weight and NO FAT) without really working out. Furthermore, if there are any supplements capable of doing this, could I possibly not have to cycle them or if I do, can I still maintain the muscle I gained from the aid of the supplements by doing a dual cycle of different supplements? (for example, take supplement X, and then when the body gets too used to supplement X, switch to supplement Y and/or Z to maintain lean body mass. Then when Y or Z isn’t working it’s charm, re-cycle on supplement X? I don’t like the idea of getting real big and then real small after a while. I’d just like to remain steady. I’m kinda looking for legal stuff here. I don’t have a problem with roids but I don’t want any legal troubles. I understand that perhaps some of these methods might take time, and that’s ok. I understand a lot of you guys on the forums take weight-training serriously and by asking this, I’m not trying in any way to diminish the idea that gaining lean mass is perhaps best accomplished by weight-training and proper diet with proper supplements nor am I trying to put down the hard work many of you guys have done to get where you are today. I’m just saying this because I’m pretty sure someone out there would assume the such. Thanks.

Hey, Joe! You may get your hair singed at the edges for certain questions, but ultimately, this Forum and magazine will give you the straight answers. We leave it up to marketers and shady supplement companines to lie to you; that’s their job…

With the knowledge and technology we have today, the “Magic Pill” or “Super Supplement” dose not exist. I define these Utopian substances as something we can injest, rub/spray on or inhale that will a)increase lean body mass and/or b) decrease fat INDEPENDENT OF RESISTANCE AND/OR CARDIOVASCULAR TRAINING. Such a substance SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST! Even “Anabolic” Steroids is somewhat of a mis-nomer. A more correct term would be “Anti-Catabolic” Steroids as that really defines what they do. Don’t be fooled. You could take enough gear to put the average IFBB Pro to SHAME, and not gain a single ounce of LBW if you did not push the Iron…

Secondly, (and this actually goes along with my first point); THE INCREASE IN LBM FROM PUSHING IRON IS AN “INDIRECT” EFFECT THAT RESULTS FROM A SORT OF “OVER RESPONSE” OF THE BODY TO TISSUE DAMAGE. You’ve probably heard it before; “you grow OUTSIDE the gym”. No tissue damage (from pushing the iron); no tissue re-molding; no OVERALL increase in LBM as the bodies response to the initial damage. Yes, you will read that “so and so substance increases protein synthesis XXX above baseline”. The problem is, the body will compensate for this increase because of its amazing ability to attempt to maintain a certain degree of homeostasis. YOU MUST PUSH THE BODY ABOVE AND BEYOND THESE HOMEOSTATIC THRESHOLDS FOR IT TO RESPOND WITH SOMETHING LIKE AN INCREASE IN LBM.

Thirdly; supplements are just that; supplements. A lot of hucksters would have you believe that their Bug Snot can get you huge in “as little as eight weeks” and in ways independent of working out. In my best Dana Carvey voice imitating Daddy President Bush"…ain’t gunna’ happin’…"… Supplements are useless as agents INDEPENDENT of proper diet, resistance training and cardiovascular training…

Well…that’s my take…I’ll let the rest of the guys chime in (as I’m SURE THEY WILL!)Good luck! Hope this helps!

Then tell me this mufasa how do kids become bigger and stronger during their puberty years without doing any lifting. Is that because testosterone is not anabolic and anti catabolic? i believe that it would also have to do with the androgenic properties of steroids that make you bigger and stronger. Waddaya think?

So you want to look good without doing anything? Go see a plastic surgeon, otherwise GET REAL! Nothing is free, anything worth having is worth working for. Get your ass in the gym or get off this forum. We don’t have time to waste on people like you looking for the easy way out.

Simple…because of an amazing interplay between the Endocrine, Exocrine , Hormonal and other systems of the human body, in addition to environmental factors, that have evolved over THOUSANDS OF YEARS! It is really a little arrogant on our part to find some small little key in this amazing process, isolate it, and them put our hands up in victory shouting “We have the answer!” The more we know about these interactions, the more we realize we DON’T know. Don’t think for ONE INSTANCE that you can take one substance (whether it be Testosterone or Adrenal Corticosteroids) and think that THAT is the “majic pill” and/or substance that explains something as complex (or beautiful) as growth of a Human System. It’s just not that simple…

If anyone out there knows of a way for this guy to put on 5-10 lbs of muscle without working out, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let him know. I, for one, am just plain tired of doing it the old-fashioned way.

P.S. Sorry Joe, I couldn’t resist. And get ready to be flamed by some of the more impatient posters here. Flamed with a capital “F”. Flamed like Nathan Lane at a Streisand concert.

Interesting view from one reply - ‘kids grow bigger’. Sorry, I don’t want to look like a 16 year old. Also, I know a guy who suffered from just that, kept growing post pub - his head swelled up (don’t know medical term, sorry) NOT his biceps. Do you really want a pumpkin head? I read the replies, like many will…cause we all hope for the shortcut. But isn’t it nice there isn’t one? Being a T-man is the feeling you earnt it therefore deserve it.

Even if such supplements existed you would really be short-changing yourself by taking them. Weight-training not only works the body, it also works the spirit and mind. Weight-training helps your sense of self-worth, your focus and concentration, relieves stress and simply makes you feel damn good!!!
It also increases health in a number of ways apart from the increase in muscle.
Find a good gym, perhaps a training partner and give it a try for a few months. The results are multi-dimensional. Let us know how it works out (heh :slight_smile: if you decide to give it a go.