Sore Knees

hello. I just started weightlifting training about 3-5 months ago. I have been lifting weights for years but this was my first experience with the oly-lifts and training programs.

I recently started to develop pain in both knees. Well actually it’s more like a discomfort rather than a pain. The discomfort is mainly coming from above the knee caps. I think it’s called the super patellar pouch or something similar? I also get this weird tugging sensation on the outsides of my knee when I hit a very deep squat. Feels kinda like an elastic being pulled to it’s limit. It doesn’t really hurt but the sensation freaks me out.

Has anyone else felt these ‘pains’ before? How long did it last? Is there stretches or anything that will help?


Ok if there is no real pain, then I would say that your body is just adapting to the exercises… if you do start getting pain. take some anti-inflams and ice that bitch till the pain subsides.

that pulling type pain sounds like you might have a tight muscle somewhere? my guess would be ITB or glute, but who knows, you could try using a foam roller on your quads and glutes. and keep squatting deep and soon you will be doing it as easy as breathing…

Hope that helps,
NeoSpringy :slight_smile:

do you get the discomfort and that tugging sensation when squatting(as deep as possible always of course) or only when snatching and cleaning?

I have an injury on my right knee right at the top of the patella. It started as discomfort and slowly hurt more and more till it became too painful and I realized its an injury. My advice on various pains that you will be feeling is… if it hurts for more than a week, be careful of it. Foam roll and stretch if something hurts. And if it still hurts the same or worse after a week then if it was me I’d be worried about an injury for sure.