Should I Keep Cutting or Start Bulk?

hi there guys im 10 months on cut and i lost from 96kg to 72 kg im sick of it i wanna get bigger stronger etc.
81cm belly
103cm chest

Bulk or cut to end?

Based on the goals you’ve stated, cutting makes no sense. It will not achieve those goals.


It was before and my goal is to get shredeed get bigger chest shoulders and get stronger

And what u think my bf % is atm?

You wrote “goal”. That’s singular.

You went on to list 3 different things.

Pick A goal, chase after that one goal, achieve it, then move on to the other goal.


14.637% or there abouts. (I’m being facetious, this is an arbitrary number, just like whatever your real BF% is)

Great job with the cut so far, but we could not possibly tell you whether you should continue or end the cut… that’s something you have to answer.

You mentioned your goals, pick 1 or 2 (sorry Pwn) to prioritize, and work towards it.

  • If that goal currently is to get more lean, do that.
  • If it’s to get bigger, do that.
  • If it’s to get stronger, then do that.

If I were in your shoes, I would choose strength first, and hypertrophy later - assuming you are happy with how lean you are currently.


One of your goals is getting stronger. Out of curiosity, how strong are you now?

Bench Press?
Overhead Press?
How many pull-ups can you do?

I never did ny maxs but atm
Bench press 55kg 5x5
Overhead press 45kg 5x5
Squat 70kg 5x5
Deadlift 100kg 5x5
Pull up 8x
Im progressing over Weeks even tho im on caloric deficit but im heading to the gym since 5 weeks before i was 9 months home workout without any progres but without any strenght lost.
Guys sr for my english but in polish living in germany i learned english in video games hahaha

Your Bench Press is very low compared to your Shoulder Press. Don’t have any problem. The ratio should be somewhere between 100 and 60-65% in favor of the Bench. Or about that much.

As i say maybe next week it will ve 60 kg 5x5 we will see idk my Potential cuz i started my fbw plan 3 weeks ago started with 40kg now ita 55 so its gouing up

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Also i think i will cut it asap with 2k calories (before i had 2300) and then i will do a clean slow bulk
what u think guys ?

congrats on your progress so far

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Sr bro shoulder press i did 35kg 5x

Are you saying you are going from 2300 to 2000 cals as a cut? and that later you will do a ‘slow bulk’, which I assume will be a ~300cal surplus?

I wouldn’t focus on a bulk or cut for that matter. Congrats on leaning down. I would simply try to maintain your leanness while building these lifts. A very slight caloric surplus would help, but I definitely would not go bulk mode. These lifts need to all increase dramatically.

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yes exacley 100-200 cals. I just cuted another 1 kg and getting leaner and leaner :slight_smile: 3 weeks more and then i start slow bulk

Let’s not call it bulking, for me that implies just getting bigger. Get stronger which will give you that bulk. Still look skinny to me. Pay your dues in the rack

Pay your dues in the rack what does it means XD?
So what caloric surplus should i have in my diat?

Pay your dues meaning become obsessed with squatting, deads, pressing in all forms


I think you should focus on calastinics and build a foundation and leave weights alone until you fully grasp diet. Calastincs can build a foundation that perpetual and natural to give you somwthing to build on later. Hardening and definition first then build your frame.