Raoh! I Won't Let You Hold The Sky in Your Hands!

Yes, I’m weak.
Yes, I’m undermuscled.
Yes, I’m not lean.
Yes, I’m skinny fat.
And yes, I’m here to improve myself.

33 Yo
188 cm (6-2 ft)
16 cm wrist :crazy_face:


Hi there.

I wouldn’t worry about being too analytical with your diet at the moment. Google ‘precision nutrition how to fix a broken diet’. I’m not implying that your diet is broken as I know nothing about it, but you will find some great stuff in an article that could lead you to the body that you’re after without the hassle of calorie counting, macronutrient ratios etc.

Once you get on track with those simple guidelines and you start seeing the changes you’re after you may find that you don’t need any further tweaks to your nutrition plan.

In my experience you don’t have to start worrying about the minutiae until you get to a low body fat percentage.

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Just thought I’d also add my reply to another thread as you mentioned that you’re an ectomorph:[quote=“clobbasaurus, post:4, topic:227968”]
My honest opinion is that you should forget about body somatotypes.

These were developed in the 1940s, I think, as part of a theory of constitutional psychology which has long been discredited but the physical classification element has unfortunately persisted.

Everybody is a combination of all of the types in some way and the link between these and your metabolic rate is just plain wrong.

Thanks for the advice. I said I’m “ectomorph” because of my stature and very tiny wrists (like a girl probably :joy:). I found the diet on the T-Nation site. My calories are around 1900 but i’m very flexible on this parameter. Also, I added a weekly refeed/cheat day with higher calories (2500-2600) and carbs (250-300 g).

Rather than an immediate calorie cut I’d advise initially adding in some conditioning to the end of 2 of your workouts. You’ll see the fat start to shift. When you plateau with the fat loss then cut calories a little (-200 maximum) and watch the fat start shifting once again. When you plateau again add in more conditioning to another session or add in some cardiovascular work on your rest days then after the next plateau cut 200 more calories. Rinse and repeat. My personal opinion is that this is a far more effective tool for fat loss than a sudden cut in calories. If you cut calories too much initially you’ll be limited by your options in terms of shedding more fat. A mistake a lot of people make is going straight to a bodybuilding cutting diet when their body fat is too high to begin with. That’s one of the things you have to be wary of when you pick a diet from a website dedicated to muscle, especially T Nation as in my experience there’s a lot of articles on there that are geared towards people who are on a different level to us regular Joes in terms of physique and strength.

Thanks a lot! Next week I’ll add some HIIT at the end of full body workouts. Actually my cardio work is cycling (25-30 km, very hard route with lots of climbs) 2 times a week.

Good lifting session today.

Sumo deadlift 4x4
Dumbbell shoulder press 4x8
Chin-up 4xmax
Wide grip lat pulldown 3x10
Dip 4xmax
Flat bench Dumbbell triceps extension 3x10
Cable crunch 3x20

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This is my starting point (2 weeks ago)

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Tough cardio today. 25 minutes steady state running + 10 60m sprints + unexpected soccer match. Very good cardio workout.

I feel very drained because of yesterday’s cardio and soccer match. I’m taking a full day off and relax today.

I wanna share my 1RM for the main lifts:

Deadlift 286 lbs
Bench Press 198 lbs
Squat 220 lbs
Front Squat 152 lbs
Military Press 127 lbs
Barbell Row 198 lbs
Barbell Curl 88 lbs

Back in the weights room. Today I felt a little tired.

Suitcase deadlift 4X4 121 lbs
Bench Press 4X 6-6-5-4 169 lbs
Dumbbell incline press 3X 8-8-6 66 lbs (each one)
Lateral raises 4X12 26 lbs
Underhand grip bent over row 3X 7-6-5 176 lbs
Barbell Curl 3X 10-8-6 70 lbs
Hanging knee raises 3X20

I’m back from today’s bike ride. 2 hours, 30 km and 688 kcal burned. I drank my protein shake during the ride. Tomorrow rest and relax (and cheat meal).

Happy Easter to everyone!

Very big cheat day yesterday. Over 3000 kcal eaten, i’m a pig :joy:.
Now back to strict dieting, this week i’ll add sprints after workout and next week i’ll cut 200 kcal to my current eating plan.

Very hard training session yesterday. After workout I ran 10 spints (50 mt) and today I feel very tired. I can feel the “metabolic earthquake” they create on body.

Today I felt a little weak at the gym. I struggled to use the same weights of last session.

This is my condition after 4 weeks of dieting:

Great workout today! After 10 days of stop I reintroduced my beloved coffee preworkout and it gave me so much energy!
Now I am doing chest supported barbell rows instead of bent over barbell rows because of a little pain in my lower back. I tried the suitcase deadlift and I’m in love with it… Maybe he can help my grip strengh and my small forearms! After workout I made 10 sprints in the soccer field, next week I think I’ll try to do them on a hill.

30 minutes running in the soccer field and 350 kcal burned. Very good.

My daily workout routine are jogging around our village in a couple of minutes including simple walks in our plaza every 5 AM in the morning. I am aiming to loose weight. I also watch my diet, I engage myself in low carbs diet and includes tuna and vegetable salad in my menu.

I am also performing other types of aerobic exercises such as swimming and cycling to increase my cardiorespiratory endurance as well as to lose weight.