Hello T-Nation

My name is Michael and I’d just like to say hello and I’m really looking forward to learning on this board. I’m not new to training, but I am new to training properly. (If that made any sense, haha.) I’ve been an athlete my whole life. I’m 26 and want to continue training like one.

My friend Jason posts here and he is a very knowledgable individual. I hope all is well and I"m all ears guys. I am 6’7", 265 pounds with a basketball, volleyball, football background. I’m fascinated by the strongman world and training and westside barbell has a lot of good ideas and practice. Hoping to put it all together.

I am battling a foot injury but hoping I can clear it up and start running and jumping like I want to. Take care guys.

Welcome to T-Nation. You’re a big dude!

Yeah, this site has a lot to offer, soak it all up and learn from some of the best.

Hope your foot gets better soon.

Welcome man, your height will help a lot in most strongman events if you want to go that route, and yeah everyone should train like an athlete.