Zercher squats

I just did these things for the first time tonight…talk about a test of manhood. Holy shit! Just the fact that you have to keep every single muscle in your body tight in order not to get crushed is a test of strength. Granted, once I worked up passed 185lbs I pussed out and used a big foam pad around the bar, but it still kicked my ass. I heartly encourage everyone to give them a try.

Jeff…what exactly are Zercher’s, buddy? I couldn’t find anything on the sight and am intrigued by the way you describe the physical and mental demands. I’d like to know more if you don’t mind.

I’ve done them, but I don’t like the compressive forces on the elbow. For a similiar effect, I’ll use a front squat harness. It’s not quite the same, but you’ll spare your elbows.

i was thinking about trying them in a couple of weeks. did you do them as a ME or supp exercise? besides the pain of trying to hold on to the bar did they feel much different than front squats?