Whos using surge during workout

Have a lot of you guys started to do this? Have you notice anything?

Yes, works great. Good pumps during training and good energy all the way to the end of the workout. I get a swallow or two between each set and try to time it just right to run out at the end. Then drive home and take the other scoop and a half. I’ve heard some people say they didn’t like drinking it while training, but they just need to add more water. Use the full amount of water as you would with a whole serving. It’s very thin and easy to drink between sets, not like drinking a thick MRP.

I break the servings up on heavy days like chest/back or legs. When I’m just doing arms or something not as grueling I take it the regular way. Stuff works great no matter how you take it. Tastes awesome too although I can’t put my finger on what it tastes like. Cake maybe.

I use one scoop during w/ 32 oz. of water, and one scoop after, w/12 oz. of water. I actually think its starting to work better than two scoops after.

i use 1.5 scoops during and 1.5 after… i think from a mental standpoint its better… gives me the feel that im not going to ovvertrain or anything… lets you think you can do more… so you can

Roughly 2.5 wks ago I started drinking my homebrew Surge during workouts. Yesterday I mentioned to the Vixen that I was up 2 lbs & didn’t now why. Then the thought dawned on me, maybe it was the shake taken during my workout, I really didn’t expect anything other than increased energy in the workout. So I do not think its the placebo effect. JMB’s DA MAN!