What type of chicks do you like?

Keeping with the theme, what type of chicks do you like? Me? I like em blond and shaved.

That’s a tough question. I like blondes and brunettes only. But I’m usually more attracted to brunettes.

I love brunettes with blue eyes! But have never dated one! I’ll tell you who I think is hot…the girl on that new show on Fox called “Dark Angel.” She is just smoking! Nice full lips, hot little body, oh yeah!

I like shorter girls with long hair, full lips, and full of energy who like to be active and enjoy receiving oral sex. As I consider myself a professional muff-diver. Well-trimmed or shaven works for me. I’ll even do her the favor of trimming it up for her.

I don't care how hot a girl is, if she smokes. I won't go near her!

Well Arnold says he likes chicks with big breasts, little breasts, big ass, little ass, blonde, brunette, red head…

Me? I gotta agree with the Oak! Depends on the entire package… if something just snaps together. Hehe. If I make sense.

Well lets see. Brunettes are my girls of choice. They just seem a more attractive and somehow smarter girl to me than blondes; and redheads just don’t do it for me.

I prefer girls of the shaved variety and it helps if she ain’t fat.

The one thing that is the deciding factor for me is the ass. Yup, thats right, even if some girls is “hot” and has basically everything I could want, if her ass is not up to my standard it’s “hit the road”. This may sound stupid, but in my opinion there is nothing better than a nice tight ass.

I guess im mainly attracted to blondes with blue eyes, with just a bit muscular legs.

My favourite celebrety must be that “firefighter” in “Two guys, a girl and a pizza place”! She’s such a hottie!!! :slight_smile:

Bottom line, the best girls are the three input girls.
-Any girl that says “put it in my butt, I’m saving the other hole for marriage”
-Any girl that lets you lube her up with Methoxy-7

Who wouldn’t like to lube up Monica brant’s cooley with some methoxy and serve her a banana juice cocktail?

I like blondes with big butts,preferably shaven at least trimmed.I rank as a pro also Nate!

I’m with mike, the three I chicks are the best, not to mention, it helps makes up for any flaws they may have, such as being dumb, a little overweight, or even a few missing limbs :slight_smile:

What do you guys think of Elizabeth Hurley? She definatly tops the list for me.

I love those redheads, but no freckles. Also Nate dogg and BamBam I just received my procard after my first career “68.9”(Goddam Chinese judge screwed me)

Liz Hurley used to top my list. But she is #2 now that I’ve seen Suzi Wilks. Unfortunately, she can only be seen on Australian TV. Sorry guys!

Ya! after liz’s breakup with that pussy hugh grant she probably needs a good balling…or, she could be such a lousy lay that hugh had to get his by that whore he got busted with. Either way, if she is a shaved 3I chick she can join my party anytime

They’ve gotta have dark hair and porcelain-style skin and real boobs not fake ones. I find myself noticing really tall ones more than short or average ones too. And she’s gotta be trimmed, maybe not bald but it’s gotta be under control. And a killer face and ok body is better than an ok face and killer body I think

Salma Hayek tops my list. I’m a sucker for exotic Latin women.

nate, congratulations on reaching your pro card! You are among the best of the best now. So be sure to train hard so you will always have an edge on all the other wannabe muff divers out there!

And don’t let a sore tongue or jaw stop you from giving oral pleasures for hours at a time! And remember, a real muff diver will be content with a good dive, even if someone doesn’t release your blow off valve when you complete your mission.

I’m also smitten by Latina ladies, too. Anyone ever watch that show “Caliente” on Univision on saturdays? They have a weekly “Chica Caliente” segment that makes my whole weekend. I also like anyone else brunette–Catherine Zeta Jones, Angel Veil, Alyssa Milano, Amy Weber…

I love girls with six packs. I flat stomack and a belly ring. DAMN. I went to my first BB comp this weekend. I made the mistake of takeing my girlfriend she got pissed b/c I was checking out all the fem muscle. Anyway, she told me she is going to start working out and get muscles. YEA!!!

i like the giraffes. tall [5’11 and up] long brown hair, big-round asses and boobs, tons of cheezy jewlery, lots of blush and lipgloss, peg bundy and amy lynn come pretty close.

Hey all,

I really dig chicks with pulses.

Nate, are their any excercises or stretches I can perform to lengthen my tongue. I’m getting quite an inferiority complex about its length. Chicks say it is “average” but I think they are just trying to make me feel better.