Weight gain for football- part II

I posted a messge a few days ago about gaining weight to 200 lbs for football. My diet now is generally one meal of meat and salad a day with a meal of soup and sandwhich and then snacks. My maxes are 350 squat, 200 bench and 350 deadlift, i am going to check out the weight gain pages but any others suggestion to gain about 15 pounds of muscle would be appreciated. the rest of my info is down the page a bit in another letter.
thanx for those with the suggestions

How many calories is that? Grams of protein? You need to know. Keep a food log. Read the article called “Missing Ingredient”.

You’re only eating two meals per day? You won’t gain much weight this way. Go through and count your calories, protein, carbs, etc. You will be surprised how little you are eating. Though it would be optimal to gain 15lbs of muscle, some fat is fine. Bodybuilders don’t play football. If you are going into college and playing football, chances are you will redshirt your freshmen year. This will give you another year, and hopefully they will be under the supervision of a good strength coach who will put size and strength on you. But to sum it all up, quit wussing out, and EAT, that is how you gain weight. Muscle doesn’t come out of thin air, it has to be made out of something, and that something is food.

I assume there is something missing here in your description because you basically dont eat or at least like someone who wants to gain weight and play football. However, if this is an accurate account of your daily diet your solution will be fairly simple - eat and eat healthy. As always, if I may be of some assistance it would be a honor. In faith, Coach Davies