vitex/mag-10 question

I have two questions…the first is:i know vitex is supposed to decrease estrogen but could someone explain it to me and what kind of dosages to take? Also what kind of diet should one follow when coming off of mag-10 in order to maintain the most gains?

yeah i know…i’ve been wondering the same thing.

No one is answering you because that’s been discussed a lot and written about at T-mag. They have whole programs based on how to come off MAG-10. Me thinks you need to consult the magic search engine, both here and at T-mag.

No, this question has NOT been answered. Yes there is a lot of talk about Vitex on the BB but no one has ever answered conclusively. If it has been answered then what is the consensus? Extract or whole fruit powder? How much, how often? Yes, yes I’ve heard 1x Solaray extract per day, but unless you live in the US thats not much good is it? I can’t get Solaray where I live, the local brands do nothing, the only one I ever felt was the GNC fingerprint 500mg dried fruit. If the label says ‘extract equiv. to 1000mg dried fruit’ just how much extract is that? This is the most talked about yet unanswered topic on the BB.