Vitex - your experience w/it?

what is your experience with Vitex? I know there was a discussion a while ago, but I can’t find it. So if you can simply summarize your experience or thoughts on Vitex (like, definitely take/take if you have money to spend/do not take it), I’d appreciate it.

Vitex is very cheap, so affordability is not much of a concern. It definately thickens and increases ejaculate. I’m did a long cycle so not sure if it raised my T levels as I was so used to taking it.

I do plan on starting up again right after Xmas

I’ve used the Solaray Vitex (400 mg capsule) for a couple months now. I’m on my third cycle of one capsule 5 days on/2 days off for 5 weeks with 2 weeks between cycles. Can’t say I’ve seen dramatic differences. However, the issue of “take if you have the money” isn’t all that valid, as this stuff is some of the cheapest out there. At something on the order of $7.50 for a bottle of 100 capsules (four cycles worth on my plan), it’s hard to go wrong, even if the benefits are minimal. I have noticed that I do sweat a little more while on, and I do have a little more aggression, but I haven’t seen some of the other effects that some have seen (harder erections, bigger “load”). I haven’t done any blood tests to determine T levels (either baseline or on), so I don’t have any hard numbers to give you.

Solaray brand (not the extract-just the regular stuff), 400 mgs in the morning with food is now a must in my supplement plan. When stacked with Tribex, this stuff turns me into a slathering animal, humping mailboxes, trees, and the occasional beehive (ouch!). My skin gets oily, I see a noticeable reduction in body fat, and my mood improves. I’ve used it alone and I see similar results, but to a lesser extent. Chris Shugart says that M blows regular vitex away, and if this is so, and my budget allows, I’ll replace the cheap stuff with Biotest’s product. Until then, my broke ass will stick to the $6 bottle.

so, to put a new spin on the phrase, you’re a “Broke demo Dick?” :slight_smile:

That’s “Mr. Dick” to you. LOL. I’m going to be sure to read all of your posts until I can get you back for that one. And to answer your question, it works juuust fine. In fact, I think I felt something move just now…Gotta run!

Has anyone used the GNC 500mg brand? If so what are you thoughts?

Used the GNC Vitrex - didn’t get much in the way of results. Used it with a Tribulus product.