What is Vitex?

OK,I read in the forums about people using Vitex but cannot seem to catch up with it’s functions…what does Vitex do? Where can I get them,for how much,and what are their side effects(if there are any)?

It would be just awful if you had to type “vitex” into the search engine over at T-mag, huh? :slight_smile:

AHahha,it’s too hard to understand,all that superman science…I just want a plain and simple summary from u people. :wink:

Okay then. You know how Tribex boost T-levels? Vitex lowers estrogen levels. Makes for a killer stack, IMO. Biotest is coming out with a product called “M” that has vitex plus a couple of others things in it- sort of an herbal clomid/estrogen quasher. You’ll see vitex sold as a woman’s product in a lot of places; its uses are just being discovered for men.

Kenneth, your thirst for information is admirable and should never be tamed… BUT, in future some searching for something like this will find the information you need and much more. T-Men aren’t lazy :wink:

So what happens if a man’s estrogen levels are lowered?I mean,do we become more manly in a way?What happens?

Come on now - this has been summarized in several posts before - go read them. Also read the article on estrogen’s negative effects on men. Then you will know. This is just plain laziness. To sum up VERY quickly - Vitex is a substance that ‘makes a man more of a man and a woman more of a woman’ - I’m not going to go into specifics but it basically increases T and decreases E in men. Do your research.

Thank you goose.I wonder what geese taste like…

Good question - perhaps one day you will find out. I have had it before and find it quite gamey - but to each his own. I thought this was a thread on Vitex not alternative protein sources.