Veins in arms

My right arm is more “veiny” than my left arm. Is this normal? I can only see the veins in my left arm when I lift and when I am sitting here it’s just flat—but my right arm as some nice veins running down making it look more ripped than my left arm. Anyone?

I would suggest using that right arm to shoot heroin. Can anyone help me with a similar problem? My left forearm is like twice the size of my right. And it’s strange, I don’t do any forearm work at all. Hmmmmm…

Interesting you mention that, Rafael. I’m right-handed when it comes to sporting activities, but my left forearm is huge. Maybe my right arm is suffering from over-training. Alternatively, it might be a weird genetic pre-disposition or something :wink:

okay, well I believe that we all know which hand you like to jerk off with…I agree though, as my left forearm has been bigger than my right since I was 13…??