Really small veins

I’ve noticed before but didn’t bother to think about it but my veins are really small. All the visible veins in my forearms, calves, neck, etc. are only about 5mm in dia. My bicep veins and even the veins in my quads are only about 7mm. Aside from genetics is this indicative of some known medical condition?

Damn! Mine aren’t that big! I don’t think you really have a problem bud. But, I think it depends on how hydrated you are, what you glycogen levels are like, and how lean you are.

Yes, Lipo, the condition is very severe, it is very well described in medical literature and called “life”. :-)) I gave up on the veins a long time ago - they appear and disappear without logic when it comes to me. I was veiny all around when I was downright fat. After long months of dieting, most of my veins disappeared. I have noticed that they can be better seen after my postworkout meal and after waking up.

Yeah, it must be genetics. And I think the age of the muscle parts. I have been liftin’ on routine for about 6 years and still lack the big traffic map of vascularity. I keep around 10-12 percent bodyfat to make gaining muscle easier, but have cuts with no real strong veins or such. If you find out, let me know.

gud 4 u guys! I can only see my veins when I flex really hard to the point that I am near shitting. LOL! Anyway, lemme share my story wid u. B4 I really wanted to look cut and veiny, so I sprinted and stuff. But, I still didn’t have those damn veins in my BIs [no problem with forearms, in fact my leg veins are like tree roots ;-)] so I figured must have to do with muscle contractions. I used closegrip chins (really close like 5-6 inches apart) with maximum TUT, and der ya go man! Instant veins in my BIs in three weeks!