Various questions.

I’m planning out a cycle for the next 5 months, but I need some assistance. I’ve just been bulking up for the last 3 months, and my BF has gone up to 13%. I’m going skiing in a few weeks, and I intend to start a body fat reductoin cycle followed by another bulk up cycle with Mag-10.

  1. If i need to reduce my body fat before a mass cycle, to ensure I gain muscle and not fat, what % should I try and get down to?

  2. Which is better, Meltdown training or GBC? I haven’t tried meltdown before, but I have had success with GBC. My primary aim is to drop BF%, while maintaining muscle.
  3. Should I take MD-6 or T2 to lose BF? I would prefer not to take both as I want to go hell for leather on my mass cycle with Mag-10, so I need to save cash.
  4. Would Methoxy-7 be useful to keep my muscle while on a calorie restricted diet?
    Thanks in advance.