I am 42 years old, I have been training for most of my life. I have allowed myself to put on too much weight in the last year (Job,life etc). I am 264 at 24% BF. I am going on the “Fat Fast” diet the month of January. I have purchased Androsol, Advanced Protien, T2 Pro, MD6 and Udo’s Choice oil for the diet. I plan to lose 20-25 lbs in the month. I then plan to go on the “T-dawg diet” to get down to under 10% BF. Is it a good idea to use MAG 10 during the T-dawg diet? Or would it be just as good to continue on the Androsol/MD6/T2Pro stack? How would I cycle this during the diet…which I believe will last 4 months? I am able to purchase other supplements if needed. Thanks!

Having purchased the Androsol, I’d certainly
use it. It still works as well as ever.
If it happens to be the case that you’d
like to do a bulking cycle and also you
like the idea of having some periods
of lighter use where you still get significant
benefit but with minimal effect on natural
testosterone production, then the thing to
do would be to save the Androsol for the lighter use (using it only in the morning
in that application) and MAG-10 for bulking.

But, if you want to bulk on Androsol, you
can still get quite good results with that.