Training Program

I have just completed the 1-6 principle as outlined by Charles Poliquin with great success. I am going to take a couple of days off before I begin training again. What would be the ideal program to follow the previous one? I am still looking to put more size on.

Due to the neural nature of the 1/6 program, you would most likely respond to a phas of higher rep training, more metabolic/hypertrophy. If you haven’t already, why not start Ian King’s 12 week Limping and Super Strength programs…they will be so unlike any other training you have done that you can be assured of gains.

I’ve followed up the 1-6 program with 5x5 training and kept my size and strenght gains, but you may also want a higher volume program like one of Ian King’s. See what you best respond too.

Another option is the GVT2000 Program. Kicks ass!!