The other r(h)oids

I have a…um…friend, yea, a friend, that is starting to have a problem with hemorrhoids that seem to be the result of years of heavy lifting and some past digestive problems. Does anyone else have a friend that has this problem and knows of any useful ideas on eliminating them or preventing ongoing problems? Alternative medicine, an herb, natural remedies…preferred, but something effective would be a blessing for my friend.

Pavel stated in a PLUSA article that when contrcting the abs for intra abdominal pressure, for a heavy squat or plain power breathing, to make sure you contract the pelvic floor muscles. It is supposed to be against those kind of r(h)oids. this is my advice to youra …em…a… imaginary friend.

“Tucks” helped my girlfriend after she had her baby. The above advice sounds like a good preventive.

It may be a function of your nervous system. Try upping your calories for a week or two. Over the course of that time, you shoiuld see them shrink. If they don’t upp cals some more. If that doesn’t work go see doc.

Any proctologist worth their salt can take care of these in a relatively painless way. It’s similar to the more humane way that circumcisions are done. Basically, they use a small rubber band around the hem, which cuts off the blood flow, and they wither on their own and fall off. Might be worth checking into.

My,um…friend, yeah a friend, got rid of those nasty things with Tucks or a little Preparation H. I heard that my, um… friend hasn’t had problems since.

I forgot to mention that your friend needs to make sure he is gettting enough fiber in his diet and drinking lots of water.

Nitroglycerin cream is standard treatment,it
relax’s the constricted point on the blood
vessel and they return to normal size quite
quickly.It’s a prescription drug and you’ll
probably need a compound pharmacist to make it
for you.

Talk about Roids and Squats, your um friend, um, puts a new twist on the theme. Tucks and Prep H help the best. High protein creates a terrible cycle of taking a dump and feeling like your giving birth to a65 pound baby. Ouch. Or at least I think that what giving birth to a 65lb baby would feel like. Minimize the meal bars and this helps cut down the pain thin ass literally. If they are really bad, see a Doctor. IF those don’t work he could always try a hot fire place poker up the … uh you know…

I recommended ginko biloba to someone for hemmorhoids and their pain went away within minutes, and the swelling went away within 24 hours. The standard dose (I believe 60 mg three rimes a day) should work fine. If this does not work, then try grape seed extract 50 mg three times a day. Both of these work because they are anti-oxidants which are specific to the vascular system (in this case veins).

I forgot to mention: while it is fairly uncommon, there have been reports of spontaneous hemmorhages with people taking asprin and ginko, so avoid the combination.

A Girl is right about the fiber and water. I know someone that had a very bad case until he started taking fiber and water. He’s been religious about it for years now, and won’t miss even one day’s dose for fear that they will come back.