The NY Metro Franchise Thread

Alright, T-Freques. I declare this the official NY Metro T-Franchise thread. If you live in or are a frequent visitor to NYC, LI, or any close area, you’re in. Sometime soon there will be an attempt on my or JR’s part to send out emails concerning gatherings, events, hostile takeovers, ect. Just one more step towards world domina(T)ion. We look forward to communicating.

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Yeaux, MBizoyEeee. I live in Boston right now, but between my family there and the fact that I recognize its supremacy over all other US cities, I try to make it to NYC as much as possible. If you could keep me informed of NYC T-Pack goings-on I’d love to try to get my visits to the city to coincide with 'em. Can I get a witness for the Chinatown bus connection? “Zev: Peripatetic prince of prostatic potency, possibly since he proclaimed a powerful penchant for pluralizing the presence of p’s. Peace.”

Preach on, T-Brother Zev! Can I get a witness? I said can I get a witness to what is occuring here on this forum? Well I tell you what I see. I see solidarity. I see the unification of T-man and T-woman alike in order to form a stronger, healthier foundation for ourselves and future T-beings, now but droplets of the future nested in some T-spunk. And we shall drive forth and create infamy in our infancy, for we can and will according to our wont. Praise to thee Zev, and all who choose to enter our House of T, NY Metro Franchise, est. 2002.

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Hey I live in CT and Id be interested.

Bad credit? No Credit? No Coherency? No Problem! Here at T-Franchise NYM, you approved.

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i live in LI in the summers and go to school at the University of Maryland(GO TERPS!). I train in oceanside at a gym called Iron Island

You can count me in. I live in Hicksville, but currently at Stony Brook as a freshman looking for my place at teh table on the Football Team. Just trying to be the best T-man i can.

I’m in Queens. laters pk

I’m glad we got so many replies. I am always amazed at what a small world LI seems to be.

Xracergs - I used to live in Long Beach, and I have some friends in that area. I've worked out at Iron Island twice. The owner of my gym on LI (my boss) used to train there a lot; it's a nice place.

Also, I know a lot of people who go to the Maryland area. Of course, I think every single person from LI knows someone there. I will actually be at Towson University this weekend visiting a freind. Very cool.

under dawg - You're in Hicksville? That's where MBE and I go for most of our supps in the Island. Almost anything I don't order I pick up at New York Barbell. Also, a close friend of mine is on the Stoney Brook football team. We'll see if we can somehow exchange emailss and talk. Where do you train in the Hicksville area? I know the World Gym in Wantaugh is really nice; the owner is a friend through the industry.

Let's see where this leads.

northern jersey, but at school at west virginia now.

JR- I train at Ultimate gym on bloomingdale road when i am home.

My friend deuce also a t-man from Hicksville) and I have stopped by NYBB, and the second we mentioned MBE or biotest to Sam, he was hooking us up with discounts so that is where I will be doing most of my shopping for now on.

Who do you know on the team? Maybe i could get your email address from him, if not i am sure there are other ways.

It was funny just the other day i was looking through gym listings over at elite fitness and Iron Gym popped up, I was planning on training there once or twice during the winter and summer breaks. Is it worst the 40-min ride there?

I really do think everyone knows someone in Baltimore. I have three good friends down there. Ones at the Naval academy in Annapolis playing lacrosse another is at johns Hopkins playing baseball and I also have a friend on the girls gymnastics team in Towson. I am planning on visiting once my season is over, I hear it gets crazy down there.

I too am impressed with our explosion of responses. I shall email Shugsy or the MOD and see about setting up a mailing list or some other forum upon which to exchange info. It would be cool if any of you fellows could attent the K-Bell seminar this coming Sunday. There’s a thread concerning the matter down there somewhere. Hm, wonder where Bronx Bomber is…

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under dawg, my friends name is Jeff Rudloff. If the mods omitted the name, just ask around for anyone that played for Glen Cove. And, yes, the Baltimore area is great. I’ll try to see if any of my associates in Towson know people from the Long Island area who are on the gymnastics team.

I’m in Central Jersey and train BJJ in manhattan.

Just giving a reply letting you know i’m in for it. As under dawg said, we do all our shopping now at ny barbell, sammys a great man, and alwasy hooks us up nicely. Just to update you guys on my status, i’m currently a freshman at CW POST, playing lax, and in the process of hopefully earning a starting spot this spring as a fresh, i’ll keep you guys posted, hopefully all goes well, and hopefully we get this “chapter” going, thanks, later

johnny boy…do u train with royce?
i train bjj in north jersey

…That’s the way they all became the Biotest bunch. Well we got us a respectable T-cell here. We’re trying to work out an email/contact system but it will take some time. We seem to have established our franchise with some quickness. Johnny Boy, where do you Train BJJ? Every week the urge is stronger for me to start back up (Damn 24 hour days). As for NYBB, Sam is a great guy. And I’m glad I finally figured out who has been coming in and pillaging my “private” stock of Surge. Take care. Anyone coming to the K-Bell deal? Lata.

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Near Mineola here bros (live in New Hyde Park). Train at Powerhouse in Westbury/Carlplace. Actually a grad student at Hofstra.

Stu, I’m in Great Neck, we’re 10 mins away. Killer.

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T-Man from North Jersey here. I briefly spoke to Joel Marion but he is to far, while you brothers are only 10 mins away. Just checking in brothers. I only have 2+ years training, consider myself still a novice, so much to learn. GOD Bless and continued success to all.

AJ Rodz