The NY Metro Franchise Thread

JB- Jeff is a great guy, i will tell him I “met” you. His nicknames on teh team are Rudy and Tweeter, I think it fits him well.

MBE- don’t look at me, i am just a poor college kid that has to resort to maltodexrin, dextrose, and whey concerate (did i mention i am dead broke?)…but you better stock up on your lemon grow! bars before thanksgiving break cause i may clean out the place

under dawg, I’m happy that you know Jeff. Both Rudy and Tweeter fit him well. In high school we called him Moose, but I think at 5’6’’ Rudy does him a bit more justice. I don’t think I ever really spoke to him much about T-Mag. Bring him over to the Dark Side, if you can =)

Hey Ryan,
I train with Renzo Gracie.
Where is your training at?

Hey MonkeyBoy,
I train with Renzo in NYC.
he has a few associate schools…all are very good…

mine is in morris county, Planet jiu-jitsu. but now at school i train here.

Heya Peeps. Wow that’s a lot of replies. MBE, I’m ready to play my part in subjugating the masses in the name of T. I missed the post on the K-Bell Seminar. I’ll check it for the location. I don’t know if I’m gonna go as I’m gonna get my ass kicked at the poolee meeting this saturday (Marine recruiters are nasty creatures). Who else is going? A mailing list would be cool, but we could probably set it up ourselves. Either Yahoo or just add the emails to the address book in our respective email apps. Mine is [not allowed on forum- Mod]

There are quite a few of us at Hofstra

Hofstra huh? yeah, I feel a little out of it,… grad students seem to be ghosts over there (not really in touch with the social life of a university), but I see tons of meatheads! (and the few who just want to be meatheads!-lol)

john- Rudy know all about T-mag and mentioned taking some biotest supplements during the summer. I will bring him to the “Dark Side”.

What an idea! I am in central PA. Near State College. Anyone near here. I would like to hear more on this idea.


So who’s partying tonight? I don’t have a client until 10 tomorrow and the K-bell gathering is at 1. Anyone up for anything? Lata.

MBE: “Party Primate. Since 0006.”


Brooklyn represent!

This some how got posted int he "educational material thread Re-posting it where it supposed to be.
I live in Bay Shore (LI) and train at Sports Fitness in West Islip. I work at Spectrum Conditioning Systems (Private Training Facility) in Port Washington (LI also). T-Men should start a militia group and take over the world (just kidding if any of you guys are psychos and are loading your assault riffles and painting you face with como). Anyway, always willing to learn and speak of techniques to make better gains.

I know it’s off topic, but what school you at in WV. I go to WVU, and have been lookin for another T-man in the area, there aren’t many here. I figured I’d be the only one in the WV T-pack. And where do you train BJJ here, if you’re in Morgantown?

Just a note that I also spoke to Jeff. I asked him to give you my e-mail address. Feel free to drop me a note anytime; from there you can get MBE’s address, and we can try to set up a line of communication in our particular T-Cell.

Not too many T-people in Jersey, and the few that I’ve heard from are closer to NY then to me anyways.

So yea, I'll be attending some of the NY cell gatherings and will be chillin, training, buggin, and doin me in NY. Plus, John and Eric are two very cool, respectable brothas. Get at me NY,


Joel, good to have you officially on board; and thank you for the compliment, it is much appreciated.

i go to wvu. i train bjj at ground zero fight systems, Walnut street next to the prt station.

Hehe, I’m bogarting a computer in the Queens College Library to write this. Someone may need it for an actual project, but hell, this is more important and the station next to me is free. JM, as always much love and I am truly happy to have you amongst our T-brood. To the rest of you MYC/Metro-Freques, particularly those of you on the Lawng isle, there’s no reason why we should not already be arranging some quali-T time. Hang out, fight bears, that kinda thing. While JR and I attempt to get an email link, ect. established, let us be creative in using the forum as a basis for our plotting. Lata.

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