..that's the way we all became the T-Mag Bunch

It’s Saturday morning (June 23rd) and I’m nursing a hang over. All and all it was a good night and I nailed someone from accounting at my office. As I sit here and read the forum I can’t help but feel a sense of family. Today I read about kids pushing their moms and a successful liver biopsy. After reading the thread about cars, I know what a lot of you drive but I am curious what some of you do for a living.

I have been reading T-Mag since the beginning but I have only been reading and posting in the forum for about 1.5 months. This is by far my favorite thing to do when I have time to dick around at work.

For my, I am a data/ip specialist for a large telecommunications company and I live in Denver.

I am an attorney (for now) living in Los Angeles (originally from Seattle – Go Mariners!). I didn’t nail anyone in my office last night (and if you saw most of the women in my office, you would agree that this is a good thing).

I’ll probably remain an attorney for another 2-3 years to save enough $$$ to open my own small personal training gym catering to Los Angeles’s large athlete population – i.e., not a Bodybuilding/aerobics gym – mostly iron, pulleys, very few machines, olympic lifting platform(s), plyometric devices and one or two special pieces of equipment.

I’m a computer engineering student. I hope to get a job in Texas next May when I graduate.

Good thread. Well, my story is… I live in Fort Collins, CO. But work for a communications engineering firm in Denver, in the Tech Center to narrow it down for ya. That’s right, my stupid ass commutes all that way everyday. Just biding my time until I start grad school at Colorado State in the spring, and hopefully get into coaching some football.

I’m a grocery clerk at a Safeway until I’m done school. How many times has this been posted now?

Where do you train now? Have you heard of the LA Lifting Club? It’s as close to paradise for the hardcore lifter as I’ve ever found - it’s small, private, no B.S., and almost exclusively powerlifter-oriented. They have all the cool stuff - bands/chains, reverse hyper machine, bumper plates, etc - and some really strong MoFos train there. It’s in Burbank, which may be way outta the way for you, but you should at least check it out.

Student/intern Strength and Conditioning coach at Colorado State Univ…just one more semester then I hope to be a full-time S&C coach.

Right now I’m working as a cashier at a grocery store. And playing high school football. When I go to college(fall 2002) I plan on majoring in Computer Science or IST and continuing to play football.

We seem to have a few Denver people on the board. How about them Avs? I was actually at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and I went to the bathroom during 2nd intermission. After I got out I was waiting for a friend and I saw this guy holding a purse. I looked at this guy a few times and finally asked him if he was Bill Phillips. It was him and we shook hands and he asked me my name. I talked to him for a minute and then I was ready to be on my way. The purse that he was holding belonged to one of the best looking women that I have ever seen in person.

For as much shit as he gets from us and that I stopped reading MM he was very polite and seemed like a nice guy. Funny though, not to diss him but he didn’t really look that big at all. If it wasn’t for some guy holding a purse I wouldn’t have given him a second look.

I’m pretty new here, too. I’ve been reading a lot longer than posting. Anyways, I do site testing for a huge (you’d laugh if you knew who it was) e-commerce site. I sit on my ass at work in front of a pc all day and this is definitely the place I spend the most time online, also. It really does seem like there are a lot of good, genuine people on this board. I see a real sense of comeraderie here which is refreshing considering all of the b.s. that is typically on forums of this type and on forums in general. T-mag, I don’t know how you’ve pulled it off, but you’ve definitely drawn the right crowd.

I’m a pschology student at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, CO. Since it’s the summer I work as a pizza delivery guy and probably will continue to do so until I graduate next December.

Well, I wouldn’t nail anyone I work with just cause “I must lead an unsullied professional as well as personal life.” I am a security officer by night and mechanic by day and amateur motorcycle racer when I have time. Oh, and I wish I had time for hangovers. Just finished my BS in psych and waiting for CHP process to finally start my career.

Hey Phishdawg, GO RAMS!!

I run a sales territory for my family business, getting a piece of ownership bit by bit and not for free I might add.

Yeah, I would love to lift at the LA Lifting Club – unfortunately it is too far away for me to train throughout the week (and it is closed on Sundays). I work really long hours and commuting to and from Burbank just isn’t feasible. Convenience is the main factor for my gym (Crunch Fitness on the Sunset Strip) since it is walking distance from my apartment.

Ack! Not THAT Crunch fitness! It’s the most LA place in LA!!! How on Earth do you cope?

I do not work. I live off mommy & daddy & borrow money from water fountains. JUST JOKING! HA!

I’m a tennis pro at a tennis club & personal trainer.

Well at least the power rack is always available and I do most of my work there. Every once in a while I have to tell someone who is performing curls to take a hike tho :slight_smile:

NK, where are you at in Fort Collins? I live just off of Shields south of Prospect. Order Pudge Bros. some time, I just might be the guy delivering it to you. GO RAMS.

Krak, excellent opening man. Kept the reader riveted and smiling, beautiful combo. AH, the infamous “Do you guys ever leave the house” thread. Well, T-peeps, I’m going into my senior year at John Jay College in da big NYC (place with all the big buildings). I’m studying Forensic Psychology but assesing people who drive around in their Pick-up trucks with the torsos of their victems doesen’t really thrill me. I mean hey, I can do the same thing at home. SO I plan on entering the field of family therapy. I think we, as a T-family, should have one big group session. Lata.

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