The Littlest Giant

Heya kiddies. I was wondering what the coolest “little” technique for a more productive workout you’ve picked up lately. For myself, it’s the “pulling the bar apart” technique when I’m doing BB presses or curls, I really enhances the entire movement. *Note: The reinforcing hardcore sensation caused by my afterpost quotes does not count, though feel free to list them anyhow.

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Great post,“M.B. Eric!” My tip is for all upper-back or lat
movements.If you hold the “TOP POSITION” for 1-2 seconds on
ALL forms of rowing and chining exercises, you will feel
the target muscles like never before!I picked up this tip 4
years ago and use it EVERY TIME I train upper-back and lats!
(I am one ofthose rare people whose upper-back puts his
chest to shame!)

MB: Can you descibe the “pulling the bar apart” technique? (Sounds cool; I’m always looking for ways to improve my bench!)

When doing pushups i like to use pavels method of trying to tear a chunk out the ground i do this when i start to get tired and am usually able to squeeze out about 50% more reps and on chins i like to squeeze the bar and hold the top conraction for 4 secs and take the descent for 5 and hold for 5 i have just started doing these and all i can say is bloody hell

I have to say for me I have just begun squeezing the hell out of the bar for all exercises, and I am shocked at the strength difference it has made. I have done the pause tecnique for my arms…but never back…I can’t wait for back day to try it!

Thanks Joey. Mufasa, I was first exposed to the “pull the bar apart technique” in Dave Tate’s “Bench Press 600 Pounds” (T-mag hard copy Dec. 2000 # 3)Dave stresses “You’ll never lift big weights if you’re in a relaxed physical state while under the barbell. The best way to keep the body tight is by squeezing the bar. We’ve also found that if you try to pull the bar apart or “break the bar,” the triceps seem to become more activated.” (T-mag 2000) While pressing up you simeltaneously attempt to pull the bar apart (left hand pulls left, right hand pulls right, use a VERY firm grip or you’ll sand down your palms quite nicely). Hope this helps. Lata.

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Pavel calls the squeezing the bar and pulling it apart “hyperirradiation.”