i don’t see any threads pertaining to Biotest’s release of T2 so either i’m the first to make a thread or the others aren’t up yet. Nonetheless, after reading the article, I’m sold. Maybe Tim is just a fantastic salesman, or maybe I’m just an easy sell, or maybe this T2 stuff really rocks. I think its probably all three. Anyway, I’m doing a cycle here shortly (posted about it) and I’m now considering using this stuff so I can try to lower my BF% while packing on the muscle. I still have doubts since I’ll be eating 1,500 calories above maintenance and lots of food (pizza, hamburger, and icecream included). My question is, would it be better to use this concurrently with my cycle or should I hold off and use it post-cycle. I’m afraid I’ll lose the muscle though if I’m not using anabolics. What about using some androsol morning only while using T2 after my cycle? What do you guys think is the optimal choice?

I believe the recommended dosing is such that you can stay on T2 for quite some time with no significant thyroid suppression… that’s what Brock and I were aiming for with the dosing. So far so good, and personally I’ll be switching to an on-going long-term T2 protocol (the long term results of my T3 protocol having proved excellent with zero problems.) So I would use the T2 during your cycle as well as after, if fat still needed to be lost.

By the way, I do think that when trying to gain muscle and especially when fat is a concern, quality calories are a big issue. In other words, for the same amount of fat gain or loss, you’ll gain more muscle if you have reasonably evenly divided meals (as opposed to binges but then less calories at other times) which are all or almost all quite nutritious. 4000 calories mostly derived from Ben and Jerry’s
isn’t the same for muscle building purposes as 4000 calories from good food and MRP’s.

If T2 really does work as well as T3 in the
real world (not just on paper) except w/o the
downregulation of TSH, this stuff will rock!
Low dose T3 did quite good things for me -
even w/o concurrent androgen use. But it
did cause (temporary) TSH suppression. I can’t
wait to try T2! BTW, as a side note, I also
tried T4, and for me that was nearly useless -
it only burned a little fat, but it suppressed
my TSH worse than T3…

It makes me feel a lot better when i hear Bill Roberts say something is worth a shit. He carries more credibility than just about anyone with me. Im real afraid of the big sales pitches that Tim Patterson uses. I know he really believes in his products, but ive been burned so many times that i have to be cautious.

T-2 is MUCH less inhibitory of TSH than
T-3 is and like a bazillion time less inhibitory than that tiratricol crap that
used to be sold.

T-2 will have the EXACT same physical effects
of T-3 at equipotent dosing. 50mg of T-2
equals about 12.5mg of T-3.

This stuff is basically legal T-3.

And it is one of the best fat burning supps
ever to hit the market.

The demand is high so bear with us. We sold like 1500 of them in the 1st hour.

This will be a lifesaver for anyone on
a TKD/CKD/Fat Fast.

The possibilities are endless.

Now aren’t you glad I discovered this
and Bill helped me to refine this? :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for it, guys! Sounds cool!

Hey guys, just to let you know, I’m currently writing an article that goes over thyroid production in general. It’s just so that people will get a grasp of what’s going on. I’ve also included a section on T2(3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine) where I go a little more in depth with some of the cited studies that you have and haven’t seen. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but having reviewed what I have, I think this stuff is great. I must also say that I think Brock was being a little conservative when he said it’s not as inhibitive with regard to endogenous thyroid levels as T3. I think it will inhibit endogenous thyroid levels to a very very minute degree, if AT ALL. It’s most likely that it won’t affect levels at all. Oh, and yes, it is VERY potent. Just my two cents.

Thanks Cy,Brock, and Bill. How long does it take to get optimum blood levels of T2? Will it effect mood at all? Do we need to cycle it? Sorry for all the questions. I plan on stacking MD6, Methoxy 7, and T2 to jumpstart my spring tune up. I need to shed 5 to 8 lbs, but I’ve been feeling sluggish lately,too much overtime, cold dark winter,blah blah…anyway thanks for any info.

While Brock and Bill probably designed the dosage regimen and thus they could answer these questions with more precision, I will say this. It begins to act very quickly in terms of increased mitochondrial respiration. Whether or not you should cycle it would depend on the dosage you are using. If you say the hell with what the label directions are and go overboard, then yes you will supress TSH and thus will have to cycle off of it. While I don’t know of any “mood” research regarding T2 specifically, thyroid hormone levels, in general, have a great correlation with mood. For instance, it’s been shown that people suffering from depression usually have low thyroid levels. So, if T2 has any effect on “mood” I’d say it’d be in a positive manner. Hope this helps. Take care, Girl. :slight_smile:

Thanks Cy,Im whipping my ATM card out right now.

Bill, my calories will be predominantly from good foods. Most will come from egg whites, tuna, bread, Grow!, Lean Body bars, fruits and juices, bagels, 2% milk, and one cheat meal daily where I might have cheeseburgers and icecream. Without the cheat meal, I find it very hard to consume enough calories. Also, I space it into 8 meals, none are more than 1,000 calories or less than 500 calories. Do you think I could minimize fat gain or actually lose some fat during my cycle if I use the T2 and eat the way I plan to. Clearly I will change my diet post-cycle and consume less calories. Thanks for the help.

If this is as good as it sounds, then it will liberate hubdreds of us from T3 expeditions. What a relief that would be. But just to be absolutely clear: Brock is saying that I will get exactly the same metabolic upregulation from 50mcg of T2 as T3 but with absolutely(or nearly) no TSH suppression and thus no rebound fat gain when attempting to come off? If this is correct you deserve a Nobel prize!

would there be a problem with stacking t2 and lipokenitix?

I definitely will be interested in buying this. My question is, Dr Serrano recommended I use Slenderful from Champion Nutrition. Can I use the T2 along with the Slenderful?? Problem with any ECA stack is I’m very sensitive it and it screws me up in the sack, so I dont want to touch anything that will effect me like that. Does T2 have any similar effects on I’d guess the Beta Receptors, which I think is what Ephedrine effects and impacts performance. If it wont be a problem I’ll be ordering it ASAP, and please an honest response to its effects in this area. I’m on the Metabolic Diet now and hope this will help me get into shredded condition i’ve been hoping for for so long. Thanx guys.

So can T2 be used like T3 is during a course of anabolics such as susttanon and winstrol? I know it is used to process large amounts of food and protein to keep bodyfat down while gaining muscle. So is it basically a legal substitute withthe same effect of t3?

When is the best time to use it? Empty stomach /or with meals? I have a contest in 8 weeks and want to use it the final four how many pills per day combined with the already 6 md6 I take?

I have some fat that does not want to go away and am interested in T2. I tried MD6 but unfortunately I am apparently very sensitive to it. My heart rate went up, my cheeks got super red and I felt unbearably hot and jittery. That was just from one pill. Does T2 have any of these types of effects? If not then I will order a bottle.

Can someone start talking about the side affects of this stuff. It must do some things which are detrimental to your body. It also sounds as this is just a primer to an already lean body. Is this for people of all shapes and sizes?

GlennP, it sounds like you are sensitive to Yohimbe, as I am. Try a straight ephedrine/caffeine combination and see if it works better for you. It is very unusual to have severe reactions to ephedrine, but start with low dosages.