T2 results

Just wondering if some T2 users can report their progress. I’m guessing some of you have been using it for over two weeks now.

I’ve been on T2 for about 14 days. I’m up to three pills for the last 5. Since I’ve been at 3 pills I’ve lost 3lbs and have cleaned the house top to bottom! LOL! I have lots of energy, but I don’t feel jittery or bitchy, maybe a slight increase in heartrate, but no palpations. I am only taking MD6 during my workout and I have not noticed any strength losses, if anything I feel a bit stronger. Some people have mentioned that they feel more hungry but that has not been the case for me.I do drag on some mornings. I think its because I was taking the 3rd T2 a little late (8:30pm)and not really getting sleepy till 11:30 (I get up at 6am) so I have adjusted my last pill to 6pm.

I was wondering if anybody knows the reason why I would need 3 pills to really get results. Is it because I already have a fairly fast metabolism? Also, when I cycle off in 2 weeks should I expect to “crash” a bit?

I’ve been using T2 for about 12 days now, as well as strict diet, with some MD-6 or Dymetadrine extreme once or twice a day. I wasn’t fat in the first place, just wanted to lose the slight love handles and get shredded. Well, I’m almost there. Can definetly see more cuts. Strength- I’m actually getting stronger! I do see some muscle loss. I don’t fill my shirt as well, and I’m just not anywhere near pumped- probably a combo of extra cardio, t2, and less food. I’m getting ready to take my 12 week pictures, so I’ll match up my progress then. Since 1996, I’ve been doing 12 week cycles of taking pictures. About once or twice a year. (Not juice cycles). Its so great to be able to see the natural evolution in my body. I’m gonna post the pics on my site, and maybe I can figure out a way to get you guys to take a look.

Edge – how many calories per pound do you diet on and what type of macronutrient split do you follow?

A girl, the sleep problems may be kind of funny, because along with my self I know 3 other people, who I bought for, who are all sleeping fantastic. Although I am not dieting I have noticed good strength gains and definetly more energy throughout the day.

With higher thyroid doses, having some trouble sleeping is actually not unusual. It’s a good sign to not take the dose yet higher, and depending on personal preference, may be a reason to reduce the dose. (Thyroid can still be quite usefully effective at doses low enough to not give any sleep problems.)

Thanks Bill.I like the way I feel in general, my mood truly is better-wish I didn’t have to cycle off, but I will do as told until we know more. BTW, my guy, who is 6’2 and 225lbs has had sleep problems when he has forgotten to take the 2nd pill until later. He is taking 2 per day, thats why I was wondering why 3 seemed to work better for little ole me :wink:

Chris, I’ll tell you what- I don’t follow a specific calorie regimen. What I’ve found to be easier for me is that I started off eating between 6 and 8 meals per day, either protein and fat, or protein and fibrous carb, or protein and oatmeal- excluding MRP’s. From their, I’ll take a daily body composition look in the mirror, and analyze how I feel in terms of energy and strength. As the day goes on, I’ll decide whether I’ll keep the oatmeals or substitute w/ broccoli.

My base is upon waking 5 g. glutamine, 1 T2, and one Dymetadrine extreme. 20 minutes later, I’ll have a grow mixed in water. I set my watch so that I eat something every 2 1/2 hours. Next meal is 2/3 cup oatmeal and 2 scoops advanced protein in water. Next meal is tuna or grilled chicken w/ box of frozen broccoli. Next meal will be depending on how hungry I am, either 2/3 cup oatmeal w/ 2 scoops protein, or grilled chicken drizzled with olive oil. (second T2 w/ dymetadrine)
Pre- workout I’ll have 2 dymetadrine extreme, 5 g. creatine and a myoplex.

Post workout 80 g. dextrose, 35 g. hydro 520, 10 g. creatine, 10 g. glutamine, and a shitload of anti- oxidants.

30 minutes later 2 scoops advanced protein w/ water.

Before bedtime 1 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese w/ a drizzle of peach syrup. (third T2)

As the next 2 weeks comes along, I plan to eliminate a few calories here and there.

I started out with 1 cap, 3 times daily for the first week and noticed nothing. Since then, upped the dosage to 2 caps, 3 times daily. Next week I’ll post again with my results.

I am intending to use T2 in the near future, but my post concerns a customer of ours (I work in a supplement store). Against our advice, he is using 5 caps a day currently combined with a top thermogenic. Could you please elaborate on what negative effect, if any, this higher dosage could induce, so we can then advise and inform him accordingly. Thanks guys.

Wow, my temp has been up to 98.6 for the past 2 days.I’m ovulating (I’ve always been able to “tell”) so that must be why. My sleep problems have disappeared. Does anybody know how long your temp is elevated during ovulation? I seem to remember 3 days, but having never used the rhythm method I’m not sure. P.S. no other side effects, just “warm rushes” once or twice a day.

Signs of overdosing are increased heart rate, heart palpitations, or feelings of being too hot.

My hypothesis is that as one increases dose, the body downregulates thyroid receptors, so at least in the case of T3, it’s not unusual for guys to escalate to ridiculous dosages and say they are doing fine. So, please don’t take the above as meaning, “So long as you don’t have heart palpitations yet, then sure, go increase your dose yet further!” That is not so.

Any one have any trouble getting T2 in Canada . Customs has been a pain lately .Picked some up at the Canadian site LifeandSport cause wasn’t sure about customs reaction .

Burger – it shouldnt be a problem. Wasnt for me.

I’ve been trying T2 for about a week now and don’t feel any effect. Am I supposed to “feel” something like I do with MD6? Can it be my body got accustomed to MD6 and therefore feels no effect from T2? Could I need a higher dose? How about a stack of Md6 and T2? I took the T2 in the same way I took the Md6… three doses a day, four hours apart. Should I go back to MD6 and stick a pill of T2 in between the Md6 doses?

No, you can get a very nice effect from added thyroid without “feeling” anything.

If you are wanting to use say 3 capsules instead of 1 or 2, or otherwise “push” it which I don’t recommend, then the most you should “feel” is being a little warmer than you’d otherwise be. No more than that. I do not think the marginal extra fat loss from pushing it harder than that is worth the side effects.