T-2 Use Information

OK, rather than wait for an article to be
put up on a Friday…

T-2 is the least suppressive of TSH of all
the thyroidals (both Rx and OTC) currently
available with suppression being quite less
than that of T-3. And orders
of magnitude less than TRIAX.

However, the half life of T-2 (net half life
with active metabolites) is quite long as
T-2 in addition to being bioactive by itself
can conjugate with thyroglobulin in the
thyroid to become (you guessed it) T-3, so it
really is a true “prohormone” also.
Thus it’s metabolite, T-3, is bioactive
and it has a long half life.

I do not know the exact half life of T-2.
Do not ask me.

The dosing for T-2 is as printed on the side
of the bottle. That being, one (1) capsule
taken 1-3X per day. This means you will
not exceed 3 capsules per day. This is
pretty simple stuff.

So nobody is going to ask me what happens
if they take 8 caps per day, right?
Because I don’t know. And that exceeds
the suggested dose anyhow.

Do not take 6-8-10 caps a day.

This would be bad.

It may take 3-4 days of dosing before you
feel the maximal effect (long half life)
so don’t say after Day 1 of taking two (2)
caps) of T-2 that “this stuff either sucks
or I did not take enough”.

You have to give it at LEAST 3 full days
to work optimally.

Nobody is going to e-mail me and say,
“I tried T-2 for a day and it did nothing”

You should not take T-2 with any other thyroid
hormones. This means it should not be
taken with Synthroid, Cytomel or Armour
Thyroid capsules.

What happens if you do take T-2 with either
T-3 or T-4? Well, assuming you live,
I am going to personally track you down,
beat you to death, draw and quarter you,
and then fillet you. Biotest is coming out
with a new anabolic BBQ sauce, so I will
marinate you in it for a few days and then
grill your remains over mesquite.


You can take T-2 with MD-6 or an ECA type
stack. Just be careful and start out with
only 1 capsule of T-2 per day.

You can also take it with clen. Just be
careful and use common sense - start
out with a low dose and work your
way up.

Q: Before you up the dose, how long are you going
to wait?


T-2 is the single most powerful fat burning
non-adrenergic compound on the market
ever. It is 100% totally safe if used
as directed on the bottle.

Please do not exceed 4 weeks continued use
without taking 4 weeks off.

Also, T-2 is not a miracle worker.
If you’re as fat a a manatee do not
expect to be ripped and lean in
a month without some serious dieting

I am working on a “Fat Fast 2K1” that
incorporates T-2 into it. Look for this
in 3-4 weeks!!!

Your’s in sport,


The only thing I’d like to add is, Brock is being as lenient as it’s possible to be in saying wait at least three days. If you just stay at the same dose, levels will still be increasing after a week. So if it seems like a given dose is not enough, switching to a higher dose may result in overshooting then having to back back down. Since overshooting will not be obvious, better to just be a little patient. Second, as Brock said, the increase if any should NOT be above label recommendation.

I can’t give a loading dose recommendation because the exact half-life is not known by anybody, or if it is it hasn’t been published it seems. However, I personally would load with two days’ worth on day 1. This is conservative and almost certainly less than a full loading dose (one that immediately gets you to steady-state levels.) Such a recommendation however is too complex for a label recommendation.

I have one question, can I take this with T3? Just kidding, but I do have one question. Is there anyway you can tell if you have overshot the trial dosage? Say I take 1 pill a day for 3 days and then up it to let’s say 3. Am I going to wake up looking like Ghandi after the fast or will I know by the way I feel the next day in terms of jitters, heart rate, etc. I have never juiced, but if it feels like a particular steroid, i can do a search and find out for myself. Thanks

No, if you keep it 1-3 caps per day you will
not overshoot it. Worst case scenario is
you feel a little too hot and sweat a lot.

Bill is totally correct in that the "3 day wait" is very liberal on my end. However, I don't think most people would have the testicular fortitude to wait out 7-10 days while this builds up to therapeutic levels.

As Bill reiterated (and I am going to once again), do not exceed label suggestions. This stuff is as safe as can be at label but if you're one of those people used to taking 5X the label because "you want to really feel it" you're going to be quite uncomfortable in this instance.

I would also strongly urge you to order this ASAP because we grotesquely underestimated the demand for T-2 and there might be production lags in 4-6 weeks. For real, I am not saying this to jack up sales, this is the 1st run of T-2 and because we didn't really thinking anyone other than truly hardcore bb'ers would buy it, we did not get a lot of raw mats to make all that much.

OK, so I blew the market demographics on this
product (that’s not my job anyhow and
anyone listening to me forecasting such
deserves what they get).

A lot (and I mean, more than not) of the
people ordering are T-Vixens and this
stuff will work wonders for them.

I can’t wait until people receive it and
start posting results!!!


I don’t know if these questions have been asked before, but here goes- 1. What is the actual active ingredient in the T2? How does it compare face up against an ECA? When exactly will it be out? Thanks guys

I posted this earlier, but was hoping to get an answer from one of the creators. Is T2 safe for a 14 year old? I would be doing 2 weeks on/2 weeks off w/MD6 with a near keto fat fast (mom won’t let me go keto). Thanks.

Brock and Bill, it never ceases to amaze me what geniouses you both are. The stuff you make in the labs are just unreal. I’ve been a customer of your other competetors, and while their products were OK, I’ve never been as excited about them as I am with what you guys are making. OK, enough with the brown-nosing. You mention not to take T-2 with any of the other thyroidals. Does that include guggul? I know guggul will be taken out of the new MD6 formula, but until that comes out, I’ll have to use my supply of the current formula. So what I’m asking is if guggul is safe to take with T-2.

Patty, I would avoid using T2 or any kind of hormone at your age. There are three reasons. First, medical research on drugs tends to be on adult-only groups of people in the clinical studies. If there’s any research on effects of diiodothyronine (T2) in adolescents I don’t know of it. It’s possible that something might go on that we just don’t know about, maybe even something that would affect the final development of your thyroid. Sure, it’s total speculation that something bad like that might happen but on the other hand there’s really no concrete reason to say it cannot.

And secondly, you’re at an age where things
can unexpectedly change very rapidly completely independent of drugs or supplementation. It’s not unusual for a 14 year old to be substantially overfat, but with just reasonable
exercise and a healthy, above-maintenance diet, become pretty lean as they gain height and muscle weight. Also sometimes that does not happen. But at age 14, it’s hard to tell if an effect is from the supplement, or from your body rapidly changing on its own, independent of the supplement.

Lastly, at that age, you have no experience at training and nutrition as will be appropriate for you as an adult, and little experience with what is appropriate for you as an adolescent. The only way to correctly find out what you need to be doing for yourself is to have things where bad ideas give poor results, and only good ideas give good results. You’re in that position if you are not using supplements like T2. If your diet and exercise plans are good, you WILL get into better shape; if they suck you will not. With T2, your plan could be a bad one but you’ll never learn it because you get rewarded with success anyway.

So, I really would not do it.

Bill and Brock, a couple of questions. But, I will give you some stats first. I am 41, I have a 3-4mm “worrisome” microadenoma on my pituitary (MRI doc’s words), my free test is 6.6, my FSH is 0.9, my LH is 1.0, my free thyroxine is 1.22. I am currently on 100mg of cyp per week or 200mg every two weeks (script). Questions: #1 I have Cytomel (no script) (about 175 pills), can I use these first before going on the T2? #2 if so, what dosage and what should the transition be? #3 With my levels where they are, and my conditions, would it hurt my thyroid permanently? I don’t need another drug permanently. Any other suggestions is appreciated. No, doc didn’t prescibe HCG. I am also going in for a GH blood test in a couple of weeks. He is doing a study, and I’m trying to get in on it, since it’ll be free (paid by the drug company).

Will it be OK to use if a person is on anti-depressants? My girlfriend takes Celexa. Also, she has bad asthma, will T2 be alright for her to take?

In the near future I plan on supplementing with T2 to aide me in my quest for a lower BF%. On my current diet, I have low carb / restricted calories for 5 days in a row then a refeed day to upregulate leptin levels and replenish glycogen. My question is in regard to the refeed day- should I take the T2? My uderstanding is that T2 levels are cumulative and it takes a few days to get them at an optimum level. With that in mind I would think that I should just continue taking it during the refeed.

T2 is finally here!!!
First off, congrats on finally getting it done!
I wanted to know if it were better to get T2 or MD6??? Will I be grooving throught the day without even thinking of food like MD6??? How effective is T2 on fat burning??? If you only take if for 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off then if I take advantage of the buy 2 get one free - that like half a year supply??? Well, keep up the BREAKTHROUGH work


Do not take T-2 if: 1) You are pregnant or trying to become pregnant or are lactating; 2) if you are under 18 years old; 3) if you have any renal, cardiac or hepatic medical problems that require you to be under the care of a doctor and require medication; 4) if you have
any type of cancer (including “benign” adenomas or prolactinomas); 5) if you are being
treated for mental problems (e.g. you are on
an SSRI for depression or OCD, you’re
on a lithium salt for bipolar disorder, your
a complete fruit loop and are on things
like Zyprexa, Haldol, Risperidone or if
“the voices in your head make you kill, kill,

More or less, the same type of
“precautions” you would take with ANY
decent supplement (like MD-6, Androsol,
Methoxy-7, whatever). With one additional
caveat…if you have thyroid problems
(hypo, hyper, euthyro sick) and have to
take Synthroid (T-4) or Armour Thyroid tabs
or are taking (or have taken) Lugol’s
Solution, you absolutely can’t take T-2.

I asked Tim Patterson to put a "minimum IQ score" on the side of the bottle, meaning if you didn't have at least triple digit IQ per Stanford-Binet or WASCHI you could not use T-2 but he didn't like that because it would have meant TC and Chris Shugart would not be able to use T-2 (that was a joke guys...Chris and TC are pretty cool and smart in my book...well, Chris is anyhow.. that TC character ).

Use common sense for Christ's sakes!!!

Shit like, “Hey Brock, you know, I am
an insulin dependant diabetic who
weighs 350 pounds, I have high blood pressure
that needs to be treated with max dose
beta bockers, my cholesterol level is so
high that OPEC is planning to tap my
subclavian artery to put into their pipeline
and I live on Ho Ho’s and pork rinds - can
I use T-2 and will I get ripped from it”
type of stuff might elicit a response from
Bill but not me.

Common sense...apparently, not as "common" as it should be.

T-2 is absolutely safe for 99.9% of people out there.


Is it dangerous to use T2 with cytomel or is it just increasing the risk
of dsh shutdown?I know several people using Lipokinetix and cytomel.In
cycles 2-weeks on 2-weeks off seems to work.

What mg per cap is it?

I supply all the people at my club with your products and i’ve about every lady in the gym ready to screw my brains out over this one, the only question most of them have is will it react funny to the birth control pill. Oh by the way thanks for great products they’ve gotten me laid more than any other single thing in the entire world.

I think it should be fine to use guggul at the same time as T2 and will probably be doing that myself sometimes.

Brock, are you saying I can’t take any of the Biotest supplements except maybe the protein powders? Maybe you could give me an explaination on how it would affect the tumor on my pituitary. I really want to understand this. Am I just “Up shit creek”?

I must be asleep at the wheel, as I don’t remember a lot about this new product coming out. Who is the target audience for this stuff? i.e., what will it do for the person who is a fairly advanced lifter, has a good build already, body fat in the range of 8 to 12%, what will T2 do for me?

My question echoes Dan’s. I’m 6’1 215 with ~ 14% BF. I weight train consistantly 4 times a week (10 years). What can I realisticly expect, in regards to fat loss, from this product (T2)?