T2, What, when and how ?

What is this stuff suppose to do and can I mix it with BetaLean or PhenFree ? How often should I take it, when do I cycle off and why ? Help ! If I am going to continue to buy your stuff you need to help me.


Did you just post this question without looking around at all?! Basically your same question has been asked and addressed several times on this forum (look one page back!). If you are “going to continue to buy Biotest stuff” you need to SEARCH, READ, then ask. Check out Brock’s latest article on thyroid and T Patterson’s BTS on T2. :frowning:

Also, The Thyroid Handbook by Cy Wilson and Consumer Watchdog (on T2) by Brock Strasser.

Thanks for the reference to the prior post, as I have had this question also and missed the post on the previous page. It is a helpful response so read it! I would offer that I went right to 3 caps per day of T2 (I didn’t see any of these gradual buildup posts when I got the stuff). I have been a long-term and constant user of MD6 for awhile. I noticed no bad side effects. Since I notice the stimulant effects of T2 I have cut back my MD6 use from 6/day down to 2-4/day. I still have noticed no side effects. I feel a little warm at times, but nothing excessive in my book and nothing more than I noted using just the MD6. Been using both T2 and MD6 for about a week now. Good luck.