T2 Cycle

Hey everyone. I am just about to start my first cycle with Biotests T2 and was wondering if I could get any tips or comments from anyone else that has tried this product. It says to go on for 4 weeks max. Is it better to supp. strait for the four weeks or two days on one day off? Any crazy side effects and can I also use an ECA stack at the same time? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jenn- Type “T-2 Update” into the search engine here at the forum. This is a post by Brock that should help you out. My “Supplement Round-up” article should help too.

You can take it with the new MD6 (with 5-HTP in it). Just start with a low dose of each.

To me, the benefit of T2 comes when you’d normally stall out during a diet. Instead of having to increase cardio (not always a good idea) or drop calories even lower (again, not always a good idea), you simply keep losing fat at a steady rate. A pound a week is a good goal.

What diet are you using? What kind of training? Let us know and we’ll help you out.

What exactly in the “old” MD6 formula makes it not work with T-2?

Here’s what I did- Started with 1 pill x3 days then went to 2 x3 days then 3. I would suggest you start with 2, so far on the feedback nobodys needed only 1. I used a moderately low carb diet (100-125gms) and used Methoxy-7, MD6(1-2) preworkout. Lost 8lbs (my goal) of mostly fat, kept my strength up, no bitchiness. If you took more MD6 and ate less carbs you could lose more weight, but I think 2lbs a week is healthy, and keeping it off has been easy.