T2 Dosage Questions

Hey everybody! I was just wondering how you T-men and women are using your T2. The recommended use says not to exceed 3 times a day, and cycle on and off every 4 weeks. I remember seeing on this forum that higher dosages or cycling time was shown to maybe be more effective and just as safe. Also, does T2 effect your ability to sleep like MD6 (i.e. mega-buzz) or can you take it in the evening? Thanks in advance.

I take six caps a day along with four caps of Diet Fuel. I cycle two weeks on, two weeks off. I am in an off cycle and I am still losing at the rate of one lb a week. I have not had any problems with sleep while on T2, provided I take the Diet Fuel no later than 3:00 p.m…


Higher doses – doses beyond those needed
to get a substantial and nice increase in
rate of fat loss, but not before the point
where you just get no further returns at
all from higher doses – can cause difficulty
in sleeping.

Such doses probably also suppress TSH.

I would prefer people use T2 as a supplement,
not treating it as a drug that they want to
overdose as much as possible. Supplemental
type use will not cause sleeping or other problems for individuals in normal health.

I don’t understand this buzz everyone speaks of. I feel a little lethargic on T2, as I did on Triax. I take it as late as 7pm with no difficulties, although that certaily isn’t the norm. Why do you suppose two caps of Md6 and a cap of T2 leaves me feeling lethargic? Also, I never understand why people feel Xenedrine is mild when one cap makes me feel like what I imagine speed or something is like?

I don’t get a stimulatory feeling from T2 but it obviously worked during my last diet phase. The fat came off easily and faster than normal at 3 pills a day.

The new MD6 gives me a real kick in the pants, though.