T2 and Phat

So…I’ve taken T2 for 4 weeks now and have cycled off as of today. Met my goal of 8lbs off. That in itself is no big deal to me, I have easily and successfully dieted many times before. I’m naturally pretty lean and will happily eat dawg bisicuts if they will get the job done. THE biggest difference this time,is that my strength has gone up! and I’m not all flat and scrawny looking either, like I usually am at the end of a diet phase. My mood overall has been great and I really haven’t had any cravings- ok I did want chocolate at a certain time of the month-ate some too (grin). Although I really don’t want to stop taking the stuff, I have.

I was taking 3 pills a day, Methoxy-7, and MD6(only during workouts)and doing low rep, high sets. Anybody else have similar results? Have you noticed any differences when you stopped taking T2? I imagine it will take a week before I notice anything . I'll keep ya posted.

Thinking about doing the same stack.I’ll add a little creatine for water retention.Interested to see if you notice something after that week.keep me posted.

I can’t quite decide if T2 helped me or not. at less than 3 pills a day it doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve been able to keep dropping bodyfat every week though, 6.6% yesterday. I’ve been off it for about a week and I am still dropping the same 3/4 a percent a week, so no real difference their but I am following a contest diet, Althought T2 did seem to less’n the damage on cheat days. I’m not sure I believe that T2 can increse your circulating thyroid hormone, but I think it can prevent the diet induced decrease in thyroid output. Thats my experience with it.

-Big D

When you dieted in the past, did you use the MD-6 and methoxy? Was the T-2 the only new variable?

PS-previously I have used MD6 or some kind of ECA stack and 19norandrodiol. I only took 100mg of the 19nor on workout days in an attempt to keep muscle mass without any side effects. I still felt kind of fried, trouble sleeping, low endurance, the usual. I felt much better this time around, maybe Dozer is on to something, I’m not sure that my TSH ever dropped though because my weight would usually start flying off in the middle of my diet and I would have to increase my calories.

Bumpin this up. Its 5:30 am on day 4 and I feel as lousy (or well)as I would on T2 :wink: Oh well, gotta go make some holiday pay!