I just received my order of Surge and can’t wait to try some after my workout tonight. I was surprised that it wasn’t formulated with any ALA, Glucosol, or Pinitol. I normally also add 15-20 grams of glutamine to my post-workout shake. Would it be overkill to add an extra 5 grams of glutamine to Surge and perhaps Insulene by Pinnacle which contains Glucosol, d-pinitol, and a little chromium, ALA and Gymnema Sylvestre? Maybe “The Great John Berardi” could pipe in on this one. Thanks.

Awesome, I can’t wait either, but I guess I will have to because I am on Fat Fast. I guess when the T2 comes, I will have no other supps. to wait for (unitl something new from biotest comes out)

this just a suggestion, but seeing how the bcaa’s were place in to specific proportion to facilitate the highest insulin response possible, it would probably be counter productive to add anything to Surge, but taking AlA pre workout, and adding your glutamine to the meal, or shake, that follows 1 to 2 hours after your post workout shake would probably be a better idea.