Sub Q vs IM Daily?

I’m not going to try and convince you which is better or worse even though in a forum my opinion is what youre asking for. There are lots of papers, forums and articles stating the good and bad in both methods so if youre after facts not random peoples opinions I’m sure youll have no problem finding info then working out what works best for you.

I will mention the fact that when you inject sq compared to im the AUC is very similar, any of the frequent fliers who have chipped in should be able to confirm this, especially if theyre had blood work done (if they haven’t had bloods done they should know because of, you know. Reading).

AUC means the total amount of the drug used over the same amount of time by the body (roughly), so if you take 100mg im, your body over a week will use around the same amount as if you injected sq. To show this you cant just do one or two blood draws a week, you need to do (potentially) 2 a day for weeks, probably less but thats how science works. By checking shit not by feels.
If you just check once or twice your levels may be higher on im or higher for sq (trough) but over the week the levels will be around the same.

Got some time on your hands?

Some people say they feel very different on one or the other, do I believe them?
Doesn’t matter what I think, as long as it works for them