Been on TRT for a month and don’t feel any changes …

From what I was told it was written IM to stop people thinking of doing it intravenous, many people still think you take meds into a vein.

Sorry but both of these ‘facts’ have been brought up before but are not necessarily right. Men do not tend to get lower levels, what happens is the test is absorded (adsorbed??- just checked apparently both!! go science!) at a slower rate leading to a more level area under the curve (AUC) which if people look at a single or even few blood tests they may see a lower level but if looking at the whole period of time (so possibly 2 tests a day across weeks) it would be around the same amount of test used by the body, as mentioned in this thread, and many others.

Sorry I havent seen these polls but Im guessing they’re here on TNation? In which case I would say the majority of people who answer on forums and feel strongly enough about something feel better on IM injections.
I personally wouldn’t carry that across to the general population, especially when a quick google check shows MANY sites, studies and clinics recommending SQ above IM.
I started with deep IM and hated it, switched to sq and loved it then realised if I injected sq or shallow IM I couldn’t tell the difference and it gave me more options where to pin.

personally I dont have a clue which will work for you but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Sorry, edit to add; Not a med pro.