Sub Q vs IM Daily?

Hey guys, as per your advice I am going to give daily injections a shot for my low SHBG roller coaster ride. Going to do 10mg daily but need to know the best route ?

I don’t mind doing delts with a 1/2 inch 30g needle which for me would likely be IM or shallow IM at the least but prefer not to do big harpoon shots daily. Or I could also inject into belly ( have a dad bod belly ). What do you guys suggest for the best results and least aromatization. Thank you all again for your time to answer !

You’re not going to get a definitive answer which injection method is best, you submit yourself for experimentation and see what works best for you.

I felt horrible on SQ, at 35% BF, IM was so much better!

Men frequently confuse symptoms of aromatization with testosterone’s effects on the kidneys which increases other hormones that tells the kidneys to absorb more sodium, which carries more water and fluid retention can cause blood pressure spikes as well as anxiety.

More often than not, excess aromatization isn’t what’s causing symptoms on TRT. The estrogen normal ranges were derived from men with Total T <500, not men with high testosterone or men on TRT.

Our study did not link high estradiol levels with diminished sexual performance. Paradoxically, patients with low estradiol below 42.6 pg/ml had more patients complaining of low libido as defined by ICD-9 of 799.81 in the problem list. Patients with higher estradiol levels above 42.6 pg/ml had less sexual dysfunction problems identified by their providers.

Ive heard many people feel horrible on Sub Q. Would 1/2 inch IM into delt with a small gauge needle work ? I have 30% body fat ( yeah i know ) but still have pretty lean arms respective of the high fat. I don’t have libido issues on higher E2 but i actually am fairly sensitive to it I believe as I get bad fatigue , moodiness and oddly emotional . I took a .5mg anastrazole last night and oddly today feel incredibly better. Not placebo as I really didn’t expect it to do jack .

You have to inject every 6 hours rookie. Injecting every day? You aren’t even trying at that point.

Injecting something that has a half life more than 3 days daily. Imagine.

I injected into the deltoid with 35% body fat, I had no issues.

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Awesome thank you ! I’ll give it a shot for a few weeks

Shallow IM, 29 guage in the glutes, I don’t even feel it. I do EOD.

You need to stick with it for at least 6-8 weeks, because cypionate requires 42 days to reach steady blood levels. Until steady states are achieved, hormone levels will be in flux.

I may try that too, i do prefer delts if possible. Glutes for me require 1 inch needle at least.

Will do , im sooo freakin impatient and need to work on that.

That’s not good trait, being impatient keeps you single. Once I found a protocol that worked, I calm down quite a bit, and I have more patience. I’m even a bit more reserved and it seems to attract a lot of the younger women because it makes me look like I’m not easy.

It causes young women I’ve never spoken with to chase me, to try to get my attention.

It’s like their body language is saying, “hey I’m right here”.

It works for some guys. Snark is over the top - check that E2.

Has he tried anything else other than ED?

Why did you feel horrible? What mechanism of distributing the exogenous testosterone to your bloodstream when injecting subq vs IM was so different to make one so much better than the other?

OP, I’ve injected testosterone both IM and subq, with no noticeable difference in mood, bloodwork, etc. I pinned delts, ventrogluteal, quads, hamstrings. I used anything from 23 to 30 gauge needles, depending on the purpose.

In all honesty you most likely won’t notice any difference between IM and subq. The 30g or 29g into the delts will work just fine for your purpose.

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Yes I have tried twice a week in the past . No difference.

I had substantially lower testosterone and higher E2 on the same exact dose of subq vs IM. If you spend enough time reading the forums it’s not super uncommon.

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I’ve heard some providers talk about an inflammatory response as a result of SQ injection. This occurred rapidly and lasted most of the day.

I felt like I was in a mental stupor, similar to marijuana usage, but way more intense!

I could barely stay awake.

Same here. To be 100% accurate, my E2 was basically unchanged, but my total and free T was almost 50% higher after switching to IM on the same dose.


Well I assume a hand inch needle to deltoid is considered IM as that’s what I’ve been doing .

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