Injection method vs muscle gain results question

Hey, so I went on TRT at 22 years old for legitimate hypogonadism, with a total t level of 93. I don’t recall what free t was now (it’s been years) but was below normal range. I was on 200mg per week x 1 weekly injection for about 3 years.

In that time I went from a ‘skinny in all the wrong places and fat in the gut’ sad, flaccid looking little feller to a version of myself I never thought possible. Around the age of 25-26, I lost my insurance and subsequently my treatment.

Now I am 29, turning 30 this year, just retested and my total came back about 130, they didn’t test free. I was prescribed 100mg x2 weekly test c injections (so 200mg a week) however I am pinning daily about 14.5-15 units out of an insulin syringe in order to avoid gyno and high hematocrit (both of which were also problems for me before), and after about a month now I haven’t had any issue with gyno (don’t know about hematocrit as I haven’t had labs done this soon obviously.)

My question is, at a dose of 200mg x1 weekly injection, levels are obviously or at least likely going to be supraphysiological for a good chunk of the week, if by day 7 prior to injection your total is in high normal range, which mine always was at that dose. I realize there is some speculation going on here as I’m using past experience to determine where to go from here. So…now that I’m going the daily microdosing route, to avoid sides and stay off the AI, will that hurt the speed of my process in the gym in regards to muscle gain as opposed to the old route I took of introducing 200mg all at once for the week?

My concern has been that from strictly a muscle building standpoint, my results will not be as good by doing daily micro doses even though the total weekly amount of test is the same. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you

No. Your total area under curve will be similar if taking 200mg 1x/wk vs EOD pinning. Arguably, your area under curve will be a bit better as your body wont be clearing it quite as fast off the peak.


That is a good point, I didn’t consider that. Thank you.

And in your opinion: I will be cruising for the long haul due to hypogonadism anyway, and I want to make some serious personal progress in the gym. I have never done a blast before. Won’t be competing just want to look like I could haha

Would blasting at 400 be enough to get some good results with my TRT dose currently at 200mg? Or would I need to bump it up higher? And would I want to continue injecting daily for the blast or just pin once or twice a week?

Sure, but you’ll probably find it underwhelming.

Injection schedule really doesnt matter for most people as a whole. You’re going to get sides from 400mg test, so it’s more a question of “how do you want to manage them, daily or weekly?”

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If you’ve just restarted TRT and haven’t had your first labs yet. I would probably use up all the muscle memory from your past TRT experience first. Now that your back on TRT. (Getting the most out of the least) Then workout a blast cycle after you’ve collected all the low hanging fruit. It may be a healthier approach Just a thought.

Injecting more often means lower peaks and higher troughs, more time in the space in between. Will that hurt your gainz? I doubt it, there’s more to muscle gain than hormone levels, and you’re not talking about a dramatic shift.

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