Starting TRT Over Soon

It’s working very well.


Find a male TRT doctor who knows what they are doing. Not a TRT clinic, a doctor office where they are focused on hormones.

You simply need to keep the body filled with T consistently.

The last try was bad because you were running out of T before the next shot. that doctor is stupid for not realizing that.

You can always start high and lower. starting lower and going higher just takes longer for symptom resolution.

A good dose of cypionate between the two parties of start high or low is 150-175mg.

Take it daily, EOD or weekly. Just take it consistently and give it a few weeks to take your labs. Get your free T levels in the 20’s. After time the levels will stabalize and you will feel beter and better after your body is consistently having these stable levels of T in the system.

I kept feeling better after the first 3 months, and then at 6 and around 1 year and again into the 2nd year.

I give you and the dark side credit…when you guys say filled you really do mean filled.

Every dude filled all the time with starting dose of 150 to 175 mg/week of test ester. Sounds like a Garrison Keillor story.

@Gibbon for the sake of everything holy, run.

I sense the TOT 7 years war about to commence again. When will be getting a guest appearance from Dr. Nichols? Perhaps he can share the data set from his practice that we can put on the charts. I would love to collaborate, seriously.

This range no doubt includes geriatrics at 90+ years old.

You need TRT, it’s that simple because these are disease state levels. Even if you were at 50% of the ranges, it’s still not optimal. I’m on TRT (Jatenzo) and was at Total T at 397 and Free T was midrange, and didn’t feel good.


Whats wrong with that? That is a baby dose. A good starting dose is around there. My dad for example is 75 or so and his Free t levels are right under 20. My wife takes 50 and you want a male to take only twice that of a female? Men have 10x the T women have FFS.

It always boggles my mind why young men want the T levels of a elderly man, and not that of a young man if they are going to take trt.

Ive been on 20+ free t for over 2 years now. shit i think its been over 3 now. I have zero issues. my estrogen is probably so high you would take an AI if you were me. my dht as well… my health is perfect and so are my friends with similar levels.

No PCT, no giving blood, no AI, no nothing.

I am amazed that you a MALE, wants to take the minimal dose they can find of TRT. I guess the woman in your life love a man with low T levels. maybe its toxic masculanlity you are trying to avoid. I have no clue.

Just stop the nonsense. You have literally no clue what you are doing if you think 150 is a high dose.

I guarantee you that the majority of folks on this forum would agree that 150 to 175 is just about what everyone takes at minimum


Exactly. and that guy above wants him to restart at 100 and fail all over again with his attempt at TRT.

Mind Bogggling.

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Why does this stuff always start on Friday afternoon…? Can’t wait to see what this thread looks like by Monday.

What are you doing starting this on a friday afternoon. You are one of those guys who likes to poke someonone, then blames them for responding to the post.

such a good guy.


Yeah. Ok.

Tell Keith I even have a special plot just for him now:

Presenting the Rouzier/Nichols/Bossa Commemorative T Dose Response Chart.

#SymptomRelief?..1200 ng/dl trough w/ E7D or E3.5D dosing

What’s your problem Bro? I’m only “hitting” 1200 ng/dl.

Also courtesy of @Andrewgen_Receptors (still laughing at this):

Dr. Nichols (@yeti308), see above chart. @highpull shared his data. I’d love to see your patient data (see highpull’s nice table in linked post above).

I will happily throw your data in the graph as well. Trough TT levels vs dose and frequency will be fine. No cheating :rofl:.


Great. good for you. you can post a bunch of charts and shit. but you have zero clinical experience, which my source has. Who works direclty with Dr. Rouzier, who is the lead educator of HRT for men and women. Even the guys who give AI, put on their website they went to his clinics.

This Dr Rouzier will also backup my statements that your 100mg is not a normal dose for men.

Maybe it is for you, the very rare case. Hwoever, the majority need way more. Why? Because we are men.

Still amazes me that you try and justify the minimal levels of T for men. If one is to be on TRT their entire life, they should maximize its benefits.

I know i will.

You can stay at your 75 year old levels. I am way too young to do that.

Adios chart guy.


Units please.

No need. you wont agree regardless. You are hell bent on men having Low t on trt.

enjoy im out.


Your wife injects 50 mg/week of test ester? No seriously man. Do you understand the potential inplications there? Peak / trough TT?

Also please share the charts above over on the TOT facebook group if you are still over there please. Guys really deserve a look at the data instead of TOT magic land.

5 to 10 mg of test ester is 0.025 to 0.05 ml with typical 200 mg/ml concentration. You would do well to use low dead space insulin pins to minimize waste if you go the every day route.

Of course other option is once or twice weekly injections which would result in larger injected volumes per dose.

I still stand by my recommendation of 100mg per week as a starting dose. It’s simpler to try that, and see how you feel after 8 weeks. If you don’t feel great, most likely you’d need a higher dose. If you start at 150mg per week, and don’t feel great after 8 weeks, you may be stuck not knowing if you should up your dose or lower it. Since TRT is long term, 8 weeks @ 100mg per week is a short time span.

Some people feel so shitty with low t, that 100mg may make a world of difference.


Is your wife actually on 50mg/wk? Asking out of concern for her wellbeing

Welcome the the wonderful world of TOT. But maybe she is a competitive BB or powerlifter? Trying to find out if this is therapy or “therapeutic”.

While I understand the rationale behind start low and go slow approach, at that level it is almost always a waste of time.

With guys starting at 140-150mg/week, if we change the dose, 19 out of 20 times we have to increase it.

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