What is TRT and What is NOT TRT

Just wanted to clarify…7 mg/day of testosterone is 49 mg/week of testosterone which would be equivalent to ~70 mg/week of testosterone cypionate. Testosterone enanthate MW is 400.603 g/mol so 49 mg/week of testosterone would be ~68 mg/week of testosterone enanthate. They are pretty close.

To your point, 70-100 mg/week of testosterone ester would be generously equivalent to what top-quartile eugonadal healthy male is producing endogenously.

And guess what? When you go to the trouble on putting the dose response graphs together based on statistical meaningful samples of males taking exogenous testosterone, guess what you find?


Log-scale ordinate with highpull’s sample:

linear ordinate scale:

100 mg/week of exogenous testosterone ester puts 95%+ either at or above the physiologic reference range (and I was generous at the top end using 300 ng/dl up to 1200 ng/dl).

But of course using math, logic, human physiology, pharmacokinetics (ya know, science and such) profiteth little when discussing all this with the TOT apologists.

Etc, etc, etc.

If you are bored you can read this thread from beginning to end and find it is a decent compendium of logical fallacies. In fact any of you Philosophy 241 professors (bless you by the way) out there (@bkb333 not sure what you are a Professor of but don’t tell on here, keep you identity secret) feel free to use this thread for your class materials. Stay safe out there.

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