(Skinny Bastard) Seeking guidance to begin workout routine

I’m brand new here to the Tmag forums, and yes, I am a skinny bastard. (6’2 170 lbs)

Last summer, I managaged to go from 165 lbs to 180 lbs in three months working out 4 days a week for about an hour. I was also taking creatine. Since then, i’ve really slacked off, and have settled in to a new job.

Now, I’m back down to 170 lbs. I would like to put on another 15 to 20 lbs (or more!) and am hoping you guys can help me set up a routine for my training. I guess i’m going for an all-around workout, not specifically concentrating on anything. Is there a website somewhere that lists various training routines or such?

I’ve also just purchased the following items, so let me know how i should incorporate these:

Prolab Creatine Monohydrate 600 gm,
Biotest Power Drive,
Cytodyne Methoxy-Pro,
Twinlab Daily One MultiVitamin.

My work schedule is 7am - 5pm so i would most likely be going to the gym after that. I guess I’m just looking for any good ideas/opinions on a diet and training schedule that i should follow. Thanks!

Is there a website to give you a workout? What do you think T-mag is? There are hundreds. Try the “Beginner’s Blast off Program” in an old Dawg School article. You can find it with the search engine at T-mag. And sorry, but everyone knows that Methoxy-pro doesn’t contain enough methoxy to get the job done. Read the “Dirty Tricks” article. Methoxy-7 would have been a better choice.

And you said nothing about diet. The supplements aren’t going to do shit if you don’t eat to support your goals. Again, T-mag has dozens of diets to choose from. Read the “Diet Manifesto” to start off with. Sounds like you have a lot of reading to do! :slight_smile:

here’s some advice…

don’t slack off

you were gaining weight nicely then you stopped working out I imagine (this is what you ment by “slacked off” right?)

if you want to be a strong dood instead of a skinny dood then its a life time deal with satan and his evil henchmen from satan’s little village or something

I was at the same exact spot you were… 6’2 and 170, damn that was skinny, and weak not to mention belly fat to boot. Don’t quit and in 3 years you’ll weight 200 pounds, more if you eat pies (regular and pizza) for dinner, course the more is fat but damn it tastes so good.

First off, don’t touch any of the supplements except the multivitamin until you know exactly what your plan is. You’ll waste your money otherwise. Take back the Methoxy-pro and get Methoxy-7 if that is really what you need. But obviously, you don’t know what you need, so you have your homework cut out for you. Here’s some advice, read the FAQ, supplement guide, supplement pyramid, diet manifesto, massive eating, skinny bastard diet, growth surge project, and everything else starting from issue #1 or at least 2001’s issue. Spend some hours using the T-mag search engine and then when you have more specific questions, hop on the T-mag forum and use that search engine. No one on this forum is going to tell you exactly what to do. In the words of TC, “Be your own strength coach”. Take your time learning what it is you want to do unless you want to waste your money on supps and not make any gains. If you have real specific questions, then post them on the forum, but all of the answers to your orginal questions are easily contained in about 10 good articles at T-mag. Also, you definately do not need another web site right now. You’ve got plenty to search through here.Good luck in your quest for knowledge. Hey, we’re all here to help, but you have to help yourself first.