Results from Ian King's

I am thinkin about starting the ian king’s limping and super strength (3 weeks after limping as chris shugart suggests) i was just wonder the results everyone got from these two programs. I know everyone is just goin to tell me to try it and see but time isn’t on my side and i would like to get bigger and stronger for my HS football season.

I haven’t done the limping series, but I’m just now finishing the super strength program and I really recommend it. I’ve made tremendous growth in strength and size. I really didn’t notice a lot of difference until I hit week 7. I’m sure it’s probably different for everybody depending on your particular strengths and weaknesses, but my arms and chest seemed to start to really grow from that point on. I think the supersets really did it for me, and I could really feel it in Phase IV with the volume training. I’ve never been so sore in my life and I’m loving every minute of it. I’m thinking of going to a GVT program next and start the limping series in the early fall.

i am kinda curious as well, i was condsider usin super strength and limping to prepare for football but my coach wants us to follow his program which is ur basic bullshit Total body 3 sets of 10 reps every monday wesday and friday, so my question is this…If i were to toss in some lil bullshit sets (light weight and not even breakin a sweat), so my coach thinks i am following his program, would that hurt the results from king’s programs?

I.T. - This isn’t the original topic of this thread, but here’s a radical suggestion: why not try to educate your coach? It’s so sad that most high school coaches are totally in the dark about weight training. Imagine how much better off you, your teammates, and all the other kids that ever come through your program would be if you can get him educated! Do it for yourself! Do it for your teammates! Do it for posterity! You’ll no doubt encounter some stiff resistance, but don’t give up. I myself am a high school English teacher, but I’ve also got a CSCS certification and have been studying weight training for almost 10 years. This past year, my first at my current school, I volunteered to strength coach the football team but quit when I saw how clueless the head coach was. Because he wouldn’t make weight training a priority, trying to help the kids out was a waste of my time. I feel so badly, though, that all those kids will miss out on so much because of one uninformed man’s myopia. You should try to make things different at your school!

I have been doing the Limping and Super Strength programs for 4 weeks (I just finished the first week of the second phase). During the first phase, I did Legs on M/TH and Upper on T/F. During this phase I have reversed it just to mix things up a little and to make sure I am not prioritizing either upper or lower. The first phase of the program was unique. Not a lot of weight, but some fantastic exercises that induced a lot of pain the next couple days. You really need to suck up your ego, though, because you will be doing a lot of exercise with little (or no) weight. The second phase is more “traditional” in that you get to use multiple sets and real weights again. So far so good. It is a little too early for me to give definitive results, but I am pleased so far.

As an aside, the program does not provide any calf or ab exercises, so I have been adding my own. I hope that helps. Good luck!

I’m not so sure that the limping and superstrength programs would be optimal for high school football. I think Ian designed them to be bodybuilding routines. I would think that he might do something different, depending on what your needs as an athlete are. Just my two cents.

i am also considering doin a 6 days a week rotation (like the one at dr hatfeild’s website)…i’m 16, have great recovery, eat great (massive eating), supplement with multi, protein powder, zma, and anti-oxidation, and sleep over 8 hours a night, anyone with expirence on this split?

They would be good for offseason
but inseason if your playing seriosly i cant see it working to well. A game and 2 trainings per week and would probably have you too sore or tired or preoccupied to gain the most from the program
dont get me wrong the programme is great I just think that youll short change yourself if you do it not at the optimal time
But I would recomend it for OFF season or PRESEASON not inseason

ps the program is good but my results have only been ok as I had exams and girl trouble right in the middle which really fucked things around but that will happen with anything That is why i say dont do it unless your ready to give it everything I feel i short changed my slef by timing it wrong

I wouldn’t do it. It’s not optimal training for high school football. I would first try to at least get your bench up to 300, your squat up to 400 and your power clean up to 225 before you try anything strange like this. I have tried both of those programs and they are excellent for bodybuilding, but mostly because they are a radical departure from past routines and because they demand intense muscular endurance. They are perfect for their target audience, the 30 yr old recreational bodybuilder, tired of building his legs with squats, leg curls and leg extensions followed by calf raises, or tired of doing bench press first in every workout. Athletes are better served doing workouts focused on strength and power. A word of warning: you will NOT find many good routines for football players on this website.

I’d like to offer you a couple of pieces of advice from my HS football days. I was a lineman. 1) Unless you play a skill position or DB, most of your success will come from your mindset. You have to be a f*cking animal on the field. You have to hate the guy in front of you. You have to disregard your body’s health, like all great players-Romanowski, LT, Aikman, Rice, etc etc PLEASE TRY AS HARD AS POSSIBLE! Do not half-ass it! You will regret it the rest of your life if you half-ass it. Like I do (sniff) 2) Work on your technique like knees bent, butt low, maintaining proper angles etc etc. If you have a hard time keeping the knees bent or butt low, work on flexibiliy. Take your squats ass-to-grass. DO hundreds of bodyweight squats a day when its not Leg day. 3) Play other sports once the season is over. The more in tune you get with your body, the better you will be able to control it. If you’re not good at other sports, I HIGHLY recommend Boxing or Jiu Jitsu or another martial art. 4) Don’t worry about your weight room strength. I had the biggest chest, weighed the most (6’2 240), and had the biggest preacher curl on the team- I never started a game and was so disillusioned I never even tried out in college. My size and strength in the curl didn’t mean shit! I curled 72lbs for 3x10 at 16. So what?
4) Read player biographies all summer long! They are usually awesome and inspirational. They will get you JACKED and ready to play. The best one I’ve ever read was by COnrad Dobler “They Call me Dirty”. He was an OG known as the DIrtiest Player in the Game. Also, Jack Tatum and “They Call me Assassin”. Stay away from books written by quarterbacks unless of course you play QB. Every damn QB has had a charmed life, trust me. You don’t want to read about every sport John Elway was an All-AMerican in and every damn award he won. Stick to defensive players and offensive linemen.
Good luck Tiger!