Super Strength

I just got back today from my first workout on Ian King’s Chest/Back routine {seeing how it’s a new year, I’m starting a new routine}. My strength had kinda stalled the last few weeks, so I thought I’d give the old boy a go. He warns about humiliation, and man did I feel it! Never felt so pathetic (25lbs for decline press … and I had to take breaks during the set!} Two Questions: Has this program worked for anyone? I mean, with discernable strength gains? My bench has stalled, and so I will know if the program has worked, because it should go up in three months, right? As well, I work out Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri with Super Strength on Mon/Thurs … What routine would you guys use for legs on Tues/Fri? As well, I’m planning on doing cardio on leg day (I’ve got to, my resting heart rate is climbing a little too high {68}). I was thinking stiff-leg deadlifts with extensions on Tues and Squats with leg curls on Friday (then 25min cardio after legs). thoughts? I’ll be mixing up legs every three weeks, just to go along with upper body.

I used King’s Super Strength program a few months ago and gained 40 pounds on my bench in 12 weeks. What I would recommend is that since a typical King chest workout consists of around 5-6 work sets per week, I would choose my weights very carefully. For example, I made sure that each of my work sets was designed to better the last weeks effort. No wasted sets.

For Legs, I would consider doing King's Limping Series (see the FAQ section). The Limping and Super Strength programs were designed to be used together. You may want to stagger the programs so that you're not using similar reps/set schemes for legs and upper body on the same day. Maybe start the leg program after the first three week upperbody program.