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Those are some of the craziest leverages I’ve ever seen for conventional pulling.


You even got the Lamar Gant head position correct!


I was expecting a form check video, but 2.4 times bodyweight, impressive arm length, and nicely done!

Good work fighting for the lockout!

You easily pulled it off the floor and I suspect that is part of the reason the lift became significantly harder later. From the camera angle, it looked like your shoulders were rounded over from the beginning, which shortened the range of motion, but kept the barbell away from your shins, and your lats didn’t appear to be tight. If you can contract your lats for the duration of the lift and keep the bar against your shins and knees, I think your lockout would be a lot smoother.

Hopefully, the more experienced and knowledgeable lifters of the community will chime in! @FlatsFarmer


Not sure if I qualify as more knowledgeable/experienced but I’ll bite.

As mentioned above, your shoulders are rounded - making this lift harder and less favorable for long-term use. Also as said above, contracting your lats will help.

I suspect your lower back is rounded a good bit, which can be problematic in both strength leveraging and long-term health.

Found a short video from Squat University - the first half applies to you as you are a conventional puller

You’ve got a very impressive deadlift:bodyweight ratio so I don’t want this to come off insulting at all - just small tweaks that can help you make even more progress.

For other things you may want to look at in for self-correcting form things, take a look here

P.S IDK if you have any issues with grip as a weak point, but if you do - I strongly recommend getting some chalk. Actually, even if it’s not a weak point, I still recommend chalk.

Respect the 2.4xBW pull - we are right at the same topout lift =)

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Very kind of you man
I have no grip issues , just lockout sticking point.


Strong lifting!

The issue is that you are “hitching” or “ramping” the deadlift. You jerk the weight off the ground with a lot of back, then stick your knees under as the bar passes your knees. Then you pull the bar up your legs.

This is Illegal in power lifting, and can probably get your deadlift Red Lighted.

I see you have a meet in just a couple weeks! Are you working with a coach, or are you lifting on your own?


You’re strong!
If it’s been working, keep doing it!

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Thanks for the support man been training since age 13

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Are those squat shoes? I’m genuinely curious since you’re obviously a heavy puller. That seems like I wouldn’t like them; what do you like about them for deadlift?

You’re strong and I don’t care about powerlifting rules but you know this video shows hitching right?

Again - I don’t care at all if you are hitching or not, just wanted to point out that this is the definition of it.

Great pulls! Best of luck in your competition.


I simply squat before I deadlift


That’s the best answer!

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I remember you being shredded at like 110 lbs. How did you manage to lose almost 20 lbs? Do you feel okay at the lower weight?

I don’t mean to pry, I just hope you are healthy.

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Are you Laymans lifting partner or something?

I feel infinitely better through fasting .
My life has become better no joint pain unlike before when I experienced frequent elbow and hip pain.
I only drink Adult formula because I
I have a colon condition
My lifts are all better, including bench press of 50kg/110lbs .

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We train at the same gym sometimes

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