Push press with dumbbells to barbell

Should push pressing 38 kg dumbbells or perhaps 40 kg dumbbells be enough to push press or jerk 100 kg barbell?

It is a goal of mine to press 100 kg this year with a barbell. I did 90 kg a little while ago.But I would settle for a 100 kg push press for now .

Many thanks

Is there a reason you cannot train with the barbell to meet your goal?

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I know a dude that can DB Bench a couple reps with the 40s but can’t hit 100kg with the barbell because he rarely ever does it. Your strength will carryover but you get good at what you practice so, as above, train with the barbell to meet your goal and see where you’re at.

I would think you will be a few percent stronger on the barbell due mostly to the extra stability, but if you don’t ever do it it it could take a few weeks to be able to express that.

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It may help, but, ultimately it’s not the same exercise.

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I will buy a barbell soon . Need to repair and put up the shed I was given.

I cannot clean the dumbbells to my shoulders. I get close but not quite. Technique is suffering.