Pre-made Surge??

Does anyone know if it’s ok to have a surge shake made and sitting in the fridge for 2-3 days? I think it should be fine, but just want to make sure. I made a drink and then forgot about it in the fridge. That is the first time since I started taking surge months ago…

If it was covered and cold I don’t see why not… but don’t quote me. Mmmm mmm

I have left a Surge shake in the fridge overnight for the next day’s workout, I don’t think anything was wrong with it. It actually tasted better because it was super cold, but I had to shake it up as some of it settled out of solution. In faith - Matt

Not a good idea. Try to drink the mixture within a little while of mixing it. The hydrolyzed protein is very prone to breakdown in the presense of liquid. Not that you’ll get sick, or it would be useless, but the point of Surge is that it is super potent.

I believe that you want to consume the shake within 24 hours of mixing. I read from Dr. Serrano that bcaa’s denature fairly quickly in liquid form.

I’ve actually waited about 2 days with one in the fridge. I couldn’t tell any difference, but as far as that protein breakdown goes… that I wouldn’t know. Does make sense tho…