Pre-Baby Body Wanted

My wife has expressed interest in the “dark arts” to help her get back to her pre-baby body but i don’t know anything about female “supplements”. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. She is 7 months post and will stop breastfeeding soon. Workouts and diet are being dialed in.

For some woman this can be harder then for others. I have worked the maternity wards, and have seen what having a child does to a womans body. - Pretty ugly things! I she is sagging or has loose skin, or stretch marks, working out and dieting may not solve this, and surgery may be her only option. As for diet, just tell her to use HOT-ROX or something, the most important thing is that her diet is dialed and she does enough cardio. Steroids do not help weight loss! Your only other options are ephedrine, clen, or t3, but I would n’t even consider these untill you have tried the HOT-ROX.

interval training for cardio is key. no slow, long sessions.

i usually check all clients for muscular imbalances and most of them end up having to go right to the beginning and relearn proper motor patterns, otherwise the training in the future is less beneficial and one is more prone to injury. we start with ian king’s awesome abs program (you can find it in the archieves) and really focus on movements and flexing the right muscles. also included are shoulder and hip work to strengthen all stabilizers so that at the end of the 12 weeks of the ab program, they are ready to learn compound exercises and use their stabilizers properly. the result is that within half a year with prudent planning, people are able to far surpass their goals physique and performance wise. the dropout rate is about 50% (these people are gone within a week usually, i do not have time to waste).

i have one athlete with 4 children who is in excellent shape (hot, some would say). however, she follows her diet and workout to a T. her first priorities are making sure everyone in the family eats properly based around their activities, and exercise which is usually two short half hour sessions including warm up and stretching 3 times per week. that’s right only 6 half hour workouts, but they are brief and effective. 3 sprints, 3 weights.

really drugs are not needed in this case. i believe that Biotest will have a new version of HOT-ROX tweaked for women, i think it is called Farenheit.

Hey man, that sounds excellent there. My girlfriend is ready to explode with our baby any day now. She has expressed a heavy desire to go back to her “old self.” She never did exercise seriously, though. Everything always came naturally for her.

Any way you could show us a sample workout for what you would do in this situation?

Thanks much man.

basically you need to do some reading, sorry but there is way more than i could fit into a post. so i will give you links to articles that will hopefully help.

  1. the ian king ‘Awesome Abs’ series of articles which is a 12 week program to get the core ready for training starts on 04.12.02 in the archives (2002) and the other 3 parts are above, scroll up.

  2. the ‘Neandrathal No More’ series by Cressy and Robertson are good as well as robertson’s ‘get your but in gear’.

  3. read John Berardi’s nutrition articles (i’m going to his weekend workshop in november in Toronto). they are available on T-Nation and his own site.

  4. find and read Cristian Thibaudeau’s article in the archives Fun With Women! Christian Thibaudeau 03.28.2003

  5. have her eat a lot of animal protein, preferrably from grass fed and organic sources (the EFA profile is better). a lot of fruits and veggies of a variety of colors. not either or, both fruits and veggies, and no fruit juice does not count. i drink a tea mix of 2 bags of earl grey with two bags of green tea into about 2 litres of water throughout the day in addition to what i drink at meals and training. this way you get the benefits of both green and black tea in a no calorie beverage. nuts, once again a variety as long as no allergies persist. 10 fish oil pills a day, a good multivitamin/multimineral (although if the diet is tight, there is no need). a tablespoon of flax in yogurt with healthy bacterial cultures in it is good too (no need to go overboard, i usually eat this twice a day with a whey protein shake and fruit as my protein carb meals (if you read the berardi, you will know what i am talking about)).

women sould usually take 6-8 weeks off after birth and then ease into training. also i do not believe in calorie restricted dieting (especially for women). this is for those who need to get cut for a contest stat, it is not the optimal health thing to do, especially after birth. if you want to get into shape, let the increased metabolism from high intensity workouts do the work and keep the diet tight but at maintenance or above.

PS if you want to see what steroids do to women in lower doses, look at the fitness and figure girls and you can play the game real or not (i don’t mean the breasts), keep an eye out for the jaw line…

thanks to all that replyed

Speaking as one with a wife and kid it is totally do-able without drugs.

She just needs to get serious about her diet and exercise, and she needs to stick with it while her hormones rebalance post breastfeeding.