power cleans

I want to focus on my power cleans for baseball and to get bigger and stronger. I have about 3 months until baseball starts and i want gain as much strength and size as possible in these 3 months. If i do poliquins routine of mon-chest&back,tues-legs, wed-off ,thur-shoulders&arms,fri-off,sat-repeat, I want to focus on all the big lifts like squat, deadlift, bench, powercleans, chins, dips, push press. I dont know how to put these exercises in my workouts. Poliquin says to do squats, deadlifts, and power cleans on the leg day, isn’t that to much. Were do i put power cleans, should i cycle some of the big lifts. Any thing would be awsome im really confussed.

You can rotate deadlifts and the squats. Do the power cleans before the deadlifts and squats too.
Day 1 chest/back
Day 2 power cleans/squats
Day 3 rest
Day 4 Shoulders/Arms
Day 5 rest
Day 6 Chest/back
Day 7 power cleans/deadlifts
Day 8 rest
Day 9 shoulders/arms
day 10 rest
You can do this format with high volume for 3 weeks, then switch to a lower volume high intensity for 3 weeks.

Make sure that your lifting recognizes the performance requirments of baseball. Core development with a rotational emphasis is paramount to your success in the batter’s box. At all times you do not what your lifting regime to infringe upon the technical aspects of your swing and bat speed. In faith, Coach Davies

try doing cleans on your leg day.You could alternate deads with cleans, as they work the same muscles, just in a different fashion.

If you’re already doing deads then you don’t
have to do power cleans, and vice versa. What
you could do instead is split quad/ham wkots
into two different days. Do squats on quad
day, do deads on ham day. And then do hang
cleans for an upper body wkot on the same day
you train delts. In case you don’t know, hang
cleans are essentially the isolated second
part of the lift of a power clean. Some people
will state that you don’t get all of the
benefits of power cleans by splitting it up
into deads and hang cleans - and they are
probably right. If you want the benefits of
power cleans, but doing all three lifts is
too much, then just do squats on quad day, and
do power cleans on ham day and drop the deads.

Are you sure you need to increase your strength? Have you assessed the other aspects of your sport? Being bigger and stronger won’t necessarily make you catch, hit and throw better. Take an objective look at what will make you a better baseball player. Many great players come from underdeveloped countries and never see the inside of a weightroom. All they do is play baseball. Don’t develop the strength if you don’t have the skill.

stronski i am a college baseball player and let me correct something- strength is the most important thing in my conditioning program, a college baseball season is long and catabolic the more muscles you build in september through febuary is the the more muscle you will have in march-april- june- those are the times you need it, and your comment on underveloped players is correct but look at the muscle these guys add from the time they are drafted to the time there in the majors, i have 2 freinds who were drafted last june one a pitcher and one a catcher when i saw them this fall they each had put on 10 pounds of muscle and were put on tuff weight training programs from day one, i am not sure if this player has great skills ((but i bet if he is on the internet asking about power cleans he is good)if he gets his wrists and forearms stonger from doing power cleans than that pop-up to second might become a bloop single

Coach Davies i am a college basbeall player and have used barbell row-powercleans-deadlifts-squat-incline dumbell bench, as my primary strength movements over the past two seasons, and i must say it has increased my performance beyond my imagination, i have seriously used these lifts to become a better baseball playe,.and your comments on basball-performance-lifting confuse me. i do squat, barbell row and deadlift (without a belt) to strengthen my core all reps in the 1-6 range and if i added twisting action along with these strength movement plus the 200 live swings twice a week we are required to take in the off season wouldnt that overtrain my core and lower back, just some thought’s
thanks r-bowow

PB, where is your strength and conditioning coach at? I would try and find a program specifically designed for the sport of baseball. Just my two cents.

Great to hear back from you. Please don’t be confused by my opening comments as I merely wished to point out the need for skill work and always maintaining focus on the end goal. Unlike yourself, many young athletes lose sight of that and there off-season training erodes into work that doesnt enhance performnace. In returning to your orginal question you have looked at the cycling of the Power Cleans. In my opinion for optimal success with the lifts you noted you should consider your resistance work under Pushing or Pulling sections. What types of abdominal core work have you been doing? I would be pleased to discuss more, along with further rotational work and feel free to contact me directly if you wish. In faith, Coach Davies

My baseball programs at school in horrible, my coaches and advisors have no idea what there doing. If i actually talk to them about it blows them away. There idea of training is going throw ever machine in the weight room as fast as you can and once you go throw you wait 5 min and repeat we do no big lifts like squats. They don’t focus on tempo they don’t care about form and we do this workout 3 times a week on mon, wed, fri. After this horsing around we go and run a little. They have no clue what there doing there old and fat and think they know ever thing. I try to talk to them about it but it makes them feel stupid and they always say something rude to me. So what i have done for the last 3 years is keep buying equipment and i workout in my garage with my dad and brother. I was always doing things wrong like doing flex workouts. But know i have found this site and I’m trying to take in as much knowledge as possible so i can get bigger and stronger for the next 3 months, cause in march i have zero time to train. Poliquin talks allot about doing power cleans for sports so I want to include them but I have a hard time figuring how to fit them in my workouts. I think they would be great for adding strength to my forearms and legs and traps and all these body parts help in hitting a baseball. Doing them on legs day is great but poliquin says to train traps with power cleans. My traps are defiantly one of my weakest parts so I want to make them stronger with cleans and different exercise like shrugs. So if I do all this on leg day that’s not very much leg training.

Im 18 and a senior in high School.

Well I hope you don’t get into a pissing contest with your strength coach. Even if they don’t know what is going on, most coaches get upset when a player tries to talk to them about how it sucks. Power cleans work the traps, but also a triple extension of the ankle, knee, and hip. It is hard to perform them correctly without someone with experience observing you. I would start with light weight and try to get your form down as much as you can before getting heavy. You can do them before your squats.

How is the sport of baseball catabolic? It is probably the least caloric expending sport there is. It’s only one step above lying in the sun. You stand and sprint every so often so the expenditure is quite low. If you are losing muscle mass during the season you need to access your own training and nutrition needs. You can evaluate a players skill level by only reading his questions on the internet?Maybe we don’t need to send out scouts to watch games and determine skill level. Just read players questions in forums like this and others and do all your recruiting on-line without leaving the house! All the ancillary work will do you no good if you if you can’t hit, swing or catch. Once again, play the sport to get better!

Baseball, pfffft. I’m sorry but thats the pussiest sport out there, also the most in active.