For those of you that play softball, i just wanted to let you know how the first game went. 2 for 3 with two homers and three rbis. I hit one about 385 with a single wall bat. It was one of the best balls ive ever hit. The bat was a 34,30 redline. Its pretty tight. just had to tell someone cause nobody is home right now. see yas

Damn man, you hit that ball a ton! Do you play fastpitch, orthdox, or slowpitch? Just wondering as I play fastpitch but hit very few dingers as I’m a line drive hitter.

I play slow pitch.


Since you are a fellow lifter and softball player I have a question for you. I recently started playing slow pitch softball again (for the first time in probably 10 years) and have noticed that my legs get very sore for a couple of days after playing. Mainly my hamstrings and hip flexors, but also to a lesser degree my quads. I use a balanced lifting plan that incorporates squats, extensions, leg curls etc. and lift decent amounts of weight with good form.

I'm wondering, should I cut back on my leg work while I'm playing? The last time my leg day occurred immediately after a game day I was totally burned out. After only a few sets of squats and curls I could feel my hammies starting to seize up. I'm not a power hitter like you, I'm more of a line drive hitter with lots of base running speed. I alternate between playing catcher and outfield. Any advice? Thanks.

I too get sore from playing. Mainly when i get in a slump and cant hit the ball in the air. Then i have to run instead of trott (hehe). I put my workout days on nonsoftball days. But last season i worked out before the games. One game i did chest and back and three hours later i went 4 for 5 with 3 homeruns. I love softball but lifting still comes first.

Thanks Goldberg,

I haven’t experienced any batting problems due to lifting, but as I said, I’m not a power hitter. So far, after three games I’m 11 for 11 batting, all singles, but that is mainly due to luck, good ball placement, and lots of speed. I love putting the infielders under pressure when they realize that they have to field and throw the ball perfectly or they will be SOL.

Lifting is also more important to me than softball, but I am not willing to give up the latter unless it begins to seriously impact my progress with the weights. Guess I’ll just have to listen to my body and not push my legs when they are already shot. I’m wondering if part of the cause is really loose dirt in the infield. Good luck with your season.

Hey Goldberg, what is your typical routine to help improve your softball hitting (distance). Lately, I’ve been doing some explosive movements (squats, power clean, presses, etc etc). I noticed that my gym has one of those rotary ab machines, are they beneficial at all?


At first I thought someone had stolen my handle but then i remembered that i posted this a loooooooooong time ago. I dont even play anymore because of my recent shoulder injury. I played briefly last year but i can no longer throw and do not feel like working on it to improve so i just “retired”. I may however play in the state intramural tournament like i have for the past three years (one of which i was all tournament with 7 homeruns in six games, not bragging though, hehe). Im not the person to ask about this. Ive always had excellent bat speed and could hit homeruns when i was ten. YOu would be better off asking Coach Davies as his knowledge far outweighs mine.

I will never play softball again.

I decided to play for the company team. First game of the season, fiirst at bat, I hit a fly ball to right field. I was watching to see if the guy would make the catch (he did), caught my toe in a divot, and tweaked , my knee.

I’ll stick to fighting, much safer.

Mr.Squat I personally think those rotory abs machine are a piece of crap… Just stick w/ cable twisting motions/ MD ball twist. ect…

Most of the soreness is from a new stimulus being put on the body. Sure you may run and or sprint and cut etc… but when in a “live” situation that extra adreneline can lead to extra effort which leads to extra soreness. After a few games it should subside. Try HIIT training to somewhat simulate quick stops and starts.

For rotational power and strength I like the medicine ball, you can mimic your softball swing and throw it explosively (no deceleration)

On his site Poliquin states that training rotational power really does not transfer to hitting. He is not specific about what type of training he is refering to. If its twisting crunches then I agree. Medicine ball and explosive rotational movements I disagree.

Any thoughts?

Poliquin and others seem to feel that lat strength is a major component of bat speed.

I also agree with fitone that those rotational machines are crap…this is no big surprise, however, as I am part of his fanklub.

If Poliquin said that lat strength is an important component then he doesn’t understand that in baseball, bat speed is generated from the lower body and transfered via rotational mechanics and torque into bat speed. The upper body (in a correct swing) doesn’t really generate energy, it just transfers it.