Opinions - What Do You Think About My Back?

Like up what u think about my back ? it is fine for guy who never bulked ?


You have pretty nice muscle separation in you back. As you know you could use more muscle mass.

How old are you?
How many years have you lifted weights?

Learn to pose your back with your elbows at least as high as your shoulder joint. That will flare you lats out a little more. It just takes practice.


seriously though what are you asking here. Yes it looks like a back and seems to be anatomically correct. Other than that I don’t know what to tell you.


100% these are always the strangest questions. What could the goal possibly be? What point is there in comparing outcomes on something you’re saying you haven’t worked at?
People ask frequently enough that I’ve had ample opportunity to wonder, which is the strangest part.

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People just needing validation I think.

I think you’d do well to spend a few years focusing on big compound staples like BB rows (or seal rows if you can manage the set up), weighted chinups, DB/landmine rows, facepulls, and some high pulls if you have the coordination and shoulder mobility for them.

Upper back seems to be stronger than lats for you, so anyway you can pre-fatigue the lats with things like straight-arm pulldowns or pullovers would be good until you can find better mind muscle connection on the big movements. What are you currently doing?

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I may actually owe an apology. I thought this said “for a guy who never trained,” but it said “bulked”. That is a different question and I’m sorry I was pretty condescending.

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I think your response still holds water mate.


well im 29 i was lifting for 9 months at home without progress cuz i was fat and lose alot of fat so i never bulked i mean i never lifted on caloric surplus so i think my muscle potential is not even started i assume.

Given your age and background, you probably have the potential to put on 20-30 lbs of muscle over the next few years. If you do that, I think your back will look really good.

Right now, you look like a generally fit and athletic guy who lifts weights occasionally. I know a lot of 29 year olds who would kill to look like that, so it’s all a matter of perspective I guess.


That sounds like a lot of progress!

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Thats Sounds good, well im thinking atm if i should cut to 10% body fat or o just should start maingian or bulk instead

Give us your weight and height and some of your strength specifics.

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175cm 70.8kg today morning
Bench press 5x5 57.5kg
Ohp 5x5 40kg
Deadlift 110kg 5x5
Squat 5x5 80kg
Biceps hammer 3x8 17.5 kg
Triceps french 25kg 3x8
It may be more cuz im progressing over week even tho im on caloric deficit of 600-

I don’t think there would be much real benefit to continuing to lose weight if your long term goal is to have an additional 20 or 30 lbs of muscle. It may make gaining weight psychologically easier for a while simply because if you start leaner, it’ll take longer for you to start to look and feel fat. If this is a concern and you are confident that your perception of “fat” won’t simply adjust down as you get leaner, then it may be worth doing. Otherwise I’d start slowly gaining weight, and reassess in a few months.

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To help assure you are not gaining too much fat in your bulk:

  1. How many pull-ups or chin-ups can you do?
  2. Make sure you don’t drop in the number of reps you can do while in a bulk.

I would hope that you can do at least 10 reps. If not, that is a goal you should be striving to achieve. Add that to your back program.

Well you are lean and have some balanced muscle development. I would focus on getting a bigger DL, keep chins and a bent over row. Do that for a year, track your weights. If your weights go up on those exercises I expect so will your mass

I do pull ups i can do perfectly technique pull ups over chin but i do it 5x5 so max i can do is like 8-10 i do it with streight legs and flexed ass etc XD just so u know guys im eating 2100 kalories since 10 months and my power can be lower at is usually is.

If you’ve been in a deficit for months, you won’t even need to “Bulk” or go into a “Surplus” to build muscle.

Just eating to Maintain your current weight will mean +600 calories a day. Enough to build muscles without having to get Orca-Fat. Mythical Lean Gains!

You suffered through the “Cut.” Now reap the rewards! Eat a little more, fill up your muscles and get stronger almost instantly. Higher weights in training lead to bigger muscles.

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